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The idea came as a spark. It’s that Aha moment that comes to you that connects all the clutter together. A light that shines through the folds. The opening of the mind with its simplicity. A thought that transforms and shows you the forest from the trees. Something new that you have been searching for muddling through the same issues over the years. To hire, engage, nurture right!

hire engage nurture

Goldman Sachs conference of 2015 in New York

3 luminaries that need no introduction addressing what it takes to succeed in business. Giants in their own rights with proven abilities to establish and scale businesses. Industry figures that most people in the world wait with baited breaths to catch words of wisdom from.

Warren Buffet starts off the pontification. Be like Amazon and Bezos. To succeed, place the customer in the centre of everything. All decisions should start and end with the customer.

The thread is taken over by Michael Bloomberg. Sit among your people. Know your people. Care for them. The more engaged your people are the more successful your business will be.

Next comes the turn of Jack Dorsey, the new age innovator, which is ‘hire right’. Bring the right people into your organisation. If you hire the right people, that’s half the battle won. Get them in and set them free. Just like believing in millennials at workplace.

Thus, the idea of peopleHum is born.

Hire, Engage, Nurture

What if a business could correlate Hiring effectiveness with an Employee Engagement Index which further correlates to Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Would you be able to build more successful businesses? The stalwarts of the industry and the experts surely believe so from their experience. So, their collective experience strung together into a platform with the latest technologies to help you succeed.

After a year of mulling through where would be a good start, building stuff and then tearing it down — we hit upon another A-Ha. There is no single platform that aligns all this together. Multiple tools that operate in individual silos. Needing all to be stitched together. When you try you realise that they don’t talk to each other. Therefore, how do you fix this? How do you hire, engage, nurture right?

Having a feeling that 2+2 = 5

How about an integrated platform that talks across the business problems that it is trying to solve? That is robust and builds ground up to talk to each other. Moreover, that leverages new age machine learning and deep learning technologies. What if all the data is at your fingertips to help you make your toughest decisions about your people with both, quality and speed?

A system that tells you from performance management what your ideal candidate should look like. It then goes beyond and tells your hiring platform what are the characteristics of this ideal candidate and where to find them. Further, who can find them for you. Radical enough?

A system that tells you where deep in the operating cycle are the people making a difference with your customers. Who are the most passionate and most engaged. A system that is easy to setup and onboard. In face, a system that is the most effective and easy to use.

This, hence, is the vision and ambition of peopleHum

A journey we started 2 years back and now on display to the world. 30+ organisations already use peopleHum to know and engage all constituencies in their people chain better. A platform for the future, that helps you define your future as well as the future of work itself. Therefore, hire, engage, nurture and things will work out for the best.

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