Sounds like an oxymoron? How can I plan ahead and at the same time, hire just in time? It’s doable. Planning ahead requires you to be aware of the demand. Sit down with hiring managers, understand their growth needs. Factor in people that they feel in their teams are flight risks. Get a sense of demand.

This lays out the plan for you to hire, make sure that the plan has a line of sight visibility for at least the hiring cycle or average time to fill a position. This was explained in our previous blog. Do you have a continuous improvement process to hire right? Are you focussing on being consistent?

2 basic approaches to plan ahead

Organisations hire use 2 basic approaches – pool hiring and demand based hiring. Demand-based hiring is better in its approach for efficiency and fitment. Tools like peopleHum enable you to plan and hire based on your talent demand equation as well as for pooling.

plan ahead

The essential challenge in hiring right is a strong leadership approach and biting the bullet in planning and organisation. That means aligning all processes in the organisation including communications, budgets, approval processes, accountability and hiring responsibility at the hiring manager level.

Once you align with this broader process, create a Job Description (JD) that fits to the role. The value of a well-defined Job description cannot be emphasised more. This will be covered later in an Essential Series blog and it will have more details to it.

The role of the HR

Once the HR sits down with a hiring manager, they can understand the demand. They can write the JDs and track the applicants. You can shortlist candidates using technology platforms like peopleHum to optimise the hiring cycle. Shortlist the candidates and hire for 2 probable candidates for each position. If one drops off you have covered your risk for filling in the position.

The key to being successful in designing an efficient and smooth process is having the organisational will to plan and design to create enough visibility into demand. Another aspect is to know, who is a flight risk and when. Organisationally, the hiring manager has the best line of sight and information on these aspects. So, focus on writing a good JD and then let the hiring process take over.

Your organisation deserves focus and attention and a tool like peopleHum to have you humming in the recruiting process. Try it now and send us your feedback along with your stories. Also, we are here to help so you can reach out to us.

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