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How to get your employees do more by doing less
Employee Centricity

How to get your employees do more by doing less

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
May 19, 2023

How to get your employees do more by doing less and improve employee performance. Sounds more like an oxymoron. The title itself reminds me of an informal famous quotation-

I don’t want to study but I don’t want to fail either

And another one-

I want to be a millionaire but can I please become one without having to work at all?

I know right? If only life was that simple.

Coming back to the blog title – How to get your employees do more by doing less and improve their employee performance? As much as the title seems intriguing I’d like to clarify the crux before anyone feels deceived. If you actually visited this blog with the intention to get more done out of your employees without really doing much – I’m sorry but I have to burst your bubble. I and no one cannot disregard the fact that you have to work hard to reap the fruit. In fact, you have to be smart to be able to achieve anything in life. For the rest of you who figured out what I am talking about – Kudos!

Want to get your employees to do more?

Yes, I am talking about nothing else but automation – do less manual work and get more time for yourself and your employees to improve their employee performance in just the exact same time. I have 3 really important and interesting features to discuss with you so that you can share your opinion on this as well. The three things are namely – the recruitment process, goal settings and feedback sessions. If you are an HR or among the top management level of your organisation, you might already know how important these 3 stages are for your company as well as your employee management. However, we don’t really read much about the role of automation in these 3 processes, do we?

Okay, let’s hear it then..

Recruitment Process

You want the best talent who can blend well with the company culture and you want them fast because you might think that their employee performance might be high. Period. If HRs don’t make use of HR automation tools or resume parsing then how exactly are they going to achieve this? It’s not even about meeting the targets but it’s about being efficient. It is also about being respectful towards your own work and time. If something can be automated then why keep repeating it?

The ideal situation would be where the automation tools are informing the HRs or recruiters everything about the candidate – their skills, previous experience, educational background, references, relevance with the available position. They can simply segregate the names of the candidates that match their hiring criteria without any manual interpretation and spend more time talking to them. It is understandable that you cannot find out everything about the candidate and his/her personality in just one meeting. But there’s a lot you can tell about them with the way they present themselves to make the best possible first impression. It doesn’t matter if the impression is perfect or not but did the candidate at least make the effort to make it perfect? Well, you know the rest.

Goal Settings

There is a reason why Forbes publishes an article around goal settings year after year. They have tried and tested it and heard about it a lot from the top shots of the corporate world. It is a highly effective way to manage your time, boost employee productivity and improve the employee performance. You don’t understand its true worth unless you apply it at work for real.

Goal settings actually lets you realise how much time and energy you should be investing on a project. HR tools automatically set a point for you to focus on and give respective weightage to your tasks. It helps you get over your personal or emotional bias and work towards a bigger goal.

Improve employee performance | peoplehum

For example

Let’s say you manage 2 clients. 1 of them pays $6,000 a month and the other one pays $199 a month. Every time you get on a customer call with them you spend the usual 30 minutes to discuss their pain points and get it resolved. One fine month, everything goes well and you are sure that each of them will push the payment without any concern. Who do you call first?

We can go past the “they are my clients”, “I cannot differentiate between them”, and all. But imagine spending hours on the call for $199 and then missing out on the remaining $6,000 because of some technical error. Do you really feel you will be able to keep your cool just when the day is about to get over on a month end? Do you really feel you will be evaluated on the basis of getting 1 out of 2 payments and not the fact that you lose $6,000 over a $199 call? Your year end employee performance review and ratings depend on the way in which you prioritise your work.

So, this is where you set your priorities straight. Irrespective what personal bond you share with each of your clients, you know for sure that you did a good job for them in that particular month, which is the reason why they won’t flinch at the first thought of releasing the payment for you. Get the $6,000 first, relieve yourself from some pressure and then give the other client a call. You will realise how much more relaxed you will feel at that moment during the second call.

Feedback Sessions

If you really want to get done more by your employees then feedback is quintessential to improve employee performance. It is inevitable. How do you make the most out of it? You automate 1 on 1s, conduct regular feedback sessions, give an appropriate rating to each of these sessions, keep a track on what everybody is saying about everybody and regulate the process that benefits each of your employees.

Based on these sessions you make a list of all the interesting findings that you may otherwise overlook. Like, the members who discover or invent hacks are the ones who can create more efficient processes if given more resources. Searching for hacks is not a violation to hard-work but rather an upgrade. You are finding better ways to deal with things. Faster ways to get things done and you must appreciate such a behaviour.

Conducting feedback sessions is an easy and simple way to help understand on what project the employees are working on. This equally gives an open chance and an opportunity to the employees to express how effective their projects are because they are the ones who are working or have worked on it.

Can’t let such an important aspect go without workplace automation

It kind of feels like the butterfly effect, doesn’t it? An HR can never truly define the true potential of a candidate. You know why? Because there are times when this potential is hidden. Nobody can actually see it coming unless the candidate goes through a rigorous training session and works on him/herself in the due course of time. While in other cases, some candidates appear to be true game-changers and when the management finally gets to reflecting on employee performance, it’s pathetic.

No, I am not saying we cannot underestimate or overestimate someone’s work. Of course, we can. We are humans and we can make great decisions or mistakes in our judgements. But what I am saying is that there will be a lot of time on our plates if we automate the processes that can be automated. Trust the judgement of the machine that is backed with authentic data and give yourself more time to connect with your peers.

Moral of the story

You cannot do less and get more done from your employees and improve employee performance. That is not the way it works for anybody. Every successful company that we read about today has vigorously invested on its employees to reach where it is today. If you really want to do less then go with automation. Automate the redundant processes for your employees so that they can spend more time on self-development and boost employee productivity. I’d really like to discuss how differently you are doing this for the employee management in your organisation. Sharing stories gives some great insights and more ideas to work on.

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How to get your employees do more by doing less

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