Human Resource has compliance documents, policy documents, manuals on what to do when – all neatly stored in 2 dimensional text. It requires a lot of work and expense and unfortunately, no human resource wants to do the manual work.

Employees struggle with Vision and Mission statements

What would you expect of the compliance and policies that the human resource implements in the organisation?

Over and above this, the information retrieval is clumsy, requiring someone to traverse a labyrinth to get to the right document and the information is hidden on page 281 paragraph 2. In a crisis this represents a failure point.

Now imagine the capability available for you to load all these documents onto a learning engine, that is ready to answer any question from anywhere searching real time in the documents loaded and crisply formulating the response.

The power of AI allows you to do so with platforms like Engati

It is as simple as to collect all the documents that exist, load it to the engine and it self learns in minutes. It’s ready to answer. More so it keeps on learning as it gets used more and you can train it one time only to answer any questions that are asked in an ad-hoc fashion on the fly.

It does not quit, has no down time, does not fall sick, takes no time off and does not submit its resignation requiring you to go through the same process again.

Why would you follow the old when the competition is already getting on board with the new.

Engati for Human Resource

Leverage the power of Engati’s FAQ builder for your HR bot and see it get ready for instant learning. Your personal HR assistant for each employee – trained, intelligent and crisp.

The power of simple intelligence now available in an HR bot on Engati. It is integrated with an end to end people platform – peopleHum.

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