The art of getting an interview started - Hire essential 8

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The art of getting an interview started - Hire essential 8

An apprehensive candidate has a lot of open spaces in their minds when they come in for an interview. Mostly, because they did a lot for getting an interview in the first place. They have questions, apprehensions and are not looking forward to the judgement and scrutiny.

What can an organization do to make it better for the candidate? How does an organization work in getting an interview started?

Key roles of an interviewer

The main role that an interviewer plays in evaluations is determining whether the candidate-

  • Knows what they claim
  • Is the right fit for the role and for the organisation
  • Matches the needs of the job and the role
  • Has of a demeanour and behaviour that fits with the organisation
  • Can and will handle change
  • Has interests that are viewed as favourable to growth and well being
  • Has a learning attitude to adjust to changing needs

The interviewer feels a sense of power - power of judgement over another human being. Some interviewers consume this power and that leads them to try to prove how much smarter they are as compared to the candidate. Besides, this approach is usually fraught with the failure of the stated objectives. Rather give the candidate some space. Do prior research by pre-screening the resume.

All about getting an interview started

I always start the interview in a room with a whiteboard to draw out and have the candidate have an interactive experience. This will definitely help you during the interview process-

  • Make it more about the candidate.
  • Make the candidate the centre of the experience.
  • Approach the interview more as a conversation rather than a scrutiny
  • Make sure that the candidate takes a seat in an open listening position.
  • Face the candidate directly to look into their eyes.

The eyes say a lot. Make sure you are able to look into their eyes confidently. More importantly, don't be fidgety. This might sound strange because you would expect the candidate to be fidgety but the advice equally holds for interviewers too.

A pinch of personalisation

Start by asking the candidate about themselves. Don't launch into questions related to the job itself but know how they heard about the company. Eventually, ask them questions about the company to see how much research they have done.

Now make sure that you go through the JD in detail with the candidate so that the job and role responsibilities are clear.

Relax and let the candidate relax

Do not create a pressured, pretentious environment. Don't try to make the candidate nervous on purpose. Realise the importance of smiling. No candidate would like to join an organisation with grumpy people, who have a superiority complex.

Now that the stage is set...

Ask the candidate why does she think she is suitable for the job and launch into evaluating the candidate on various aspects. Make sure that the candidate at all times is comfortable.

For instance, ask them about their experiences and what they enjoy to do outside of work. Or how they spend their weekends. Get to know them personally. Note their more significant qualities and others you want other interviewers to check on.

Personalise the interview for the candidate. Throw away the script, for instance, to have fun and be cheerful. For sure, it will go a long way finding the right talent for your organization. If you are looking for more, there's so much that peopleHum can do for you before you even getting an interview scheduled because of the robust and engaging nature of the platform.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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