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Multiple Hurdle Method

What is the Multiple Hurdle method of selection?

The Multiple Hurdle method is a recruitment selection structure in which a chain of hurdles are established which the candidate must get through in order to move on to the next step of the selection process. Each hurdle consists of a cut-off score. The hurdles consist of a selection test or various aspects of the selection tests. 

Levels of education, cognitive ability, and other such tests are considered before putting the candidates through the selection process, in order to narrow the candidate pool. The Multiple Hurdle method allows employers to refine the candidate pool by considering those that are qualified for the job, without compromising the validity of the selection process. 

In the Multiple Hurdle method, the candidate must pass each sep in the selection process. Failure at any step will result in the disqualification of the applicant. 

When to use Multiple Hurdle method in the hiring process?

The Multiple Hurdle method is particularly appealing to situations in the hiring process where a large applicant pool exists for relatively fewer openings. In such a scenario, testing all the candidates on all the steps of the hiring process is simply too costly and time-consuming. 

What’s the difference between multiple hurdle and multiple cut-off?

The Multiple Hurdle method involves the candidate crossing one hiring hurdle at a time and being scored according to each hurdle passed. Whereas the Multiple Cut-off method involves considering the scores of the candidate simultaneously based on various assessments.