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2023 - A year of achievements for peopleHum
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2023 - A year of achievements for peopleHum

Anagha Vallikat
July 17, 2023

2023 went within a blink. Time really does fly. peopleHum, the people first human capital management platform has always been at the forefront of innovation and creativity ever since its inception and 2023 has seen nothing less than commendable innovation and development. Our achievements list would be incomplete without talking about the CODiE Award 2023 we bagged for the best human capital management platform while competing against market leaders like BambooHR. We are a futuristic platform that is constantly evolving and bent on making ourselves better every day.

peopleHum has four pillars, namely, 

The four pillars have been carefully curated to bring effortlessness to the human capital management process. With the advancement in technology, there are numerous platforms available in the market. But the problem is that many of them promise hassle-free human capital management but fail to cater it. peopleHum is a futuristic human capital management platform that can spell ease and effortlessness.

As we have already mentioned, the four pillars have been made to make the HR processes easy and also to deliver a redefined employee experience

What led to 2023 being a year of achievements for peopleHum?

2019 - A year of achievements for peopleHum | peopleHum

1. Hire

The hire module helps in making the tiring hiring process all the more effortless and easy. Under the hire pillar, there are a few latest updates that make peopleHum the best platform in the market.

Glass Door Integration

The latest update in peopleHum has good news for the job posters! It is not a trivial task to detail out the JD and create the job opening, and publishing the requirement. It is even more strenuous to make sure that the job posted gets enough visibility and attention. Job board integration, the all-new feature added to peopleHum provides the option of integrating the new job posting to sites such as Glassdoor. This will ensure that the job will reach the heterogeneous multitude.

In a nutshell,

  • The HR or team leads do not have to go through the hassles and havoc of posting the job in different sites.
  • One-stop solution
  • Easy to keep tabs

Custom Fields

The organization or the team might have specific and defined needs as per the job. Certain jobs might require the candidates to travel, certain others may demand an age bar and likewise. Shortlisting the candidate for an interview and realizing during the interview that the candidate is not fit for the job at the most basic level, is a waste of time and effort.

peopleHum has thought this through and has come up with the perfect solution.

With the addition of its new feature ‘ Custom Fields’, the person creating the job can mention the fields which are mandatory. As the name suggests, it can be customized.

In a nutshell, Custom Fields help in:

  • Customizing job postings
  • Collecting the mandatory data
  • Saving time and effort

Careers Page Connection

peopleHum lets you integrate the new job posting with the company’s career page. This makes the work easy. Once the job is posted in peopleHum, the job poster can directly take it to the company website’s career page if they wish to do so.


An interviewer can take notes about the candidate. The important information, answers which they found interesting, anything that is worth notable so that if there is a second round of interview with another interviewer, all that needs to be conveyed can be conveyed without delay.

2. Manage

Leave management has always been easy with peopleHum. With the latest update, peopleHum has been enabled to acquire data from the biometric device that your organization uses. The biometric device integration makes it all the more easy to keep a tab on attendance.


peopleHum has an all-new user interface which makes the navigation easier and better. 

The home page now looks like a social media feed and the announcements, recognitions, etc would appear on the center part of the home page. The short cut icons and quick links are made for your ease and effortlessness. Take a quick demo to see what we have in store for you.

Custom Analytics

peopleHum is an AI and ML-driven futuristic human capital management platform that provides easy to understand analytics on the screen. It gives data-rich dashboard for Admins to better analyze company level engagement, performance and hiring activities. The latest update lets the owners create custom reports. One can drag and put the necessary data and create pivot tables and whatnot. Ain’t peopleHum brilliance and beauty combined?

3. Engage

It has been shown that engaged employees grow profits 300% faster than others. peopleHum helps in giving employees a voice that will be heard to and listened to. Employee engagement becomes hassle-free and you can easily embrace the shift from employee engagement to employee experience.

4. Nurture

85% of millennials want more nurturing. 90% of managers dread it and feel that their goal setting and that performance appraisal process is a liability. peopleHum makes continuous performance management and performance appraisal easy.


A recent study showed that automation could replace jobs. peopleHum is here to redefine employee experience and workplaces altogether. It does not claim the job of anyone but merely upskills the employees and the way they work.

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2023 - A year of achievements for peopleHum

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