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If 60% plus of the economy will be gig in the next 5 years and women are the epicenter, then we are ready socially to accommodate and manage the change? In this e-book, discover the journey of a paradigm shift neglected for the longest time and how women are the forefront of this journey

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing work-life in ways we're only beginning to understand. With rapid transformations becoming a necessity for survival, we now need to bring about some major changes in our workplaces. Prepare your businesses to adapt to the new normal with this comprehensive guide.

Learn more Human Capital is one of the most important resources of the modern economy. The right talent hired into the organization provides for upto 4.5x more productivity boost coupled with a well organized alignment of people with a purpose

A superwoman, a successful career woman, a loving, caring and providing mother to her children and also a partner, friend, daughter and sister. All roles handled like a charm and still smiling. This is meant to be guide book for you to think and to do what is right, with lips and tricks collected from mothers that have used it to manage their lives.