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Move towards a people-focused evaluation built around resilience and agility with a performance management software that employees love
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Ready, set, grow

Track the daily goals of your employees, measure what matters, set objectives and derive key results. For happy, aligned, productive teams.
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DIY Feedback templates

Enable smooth, continuous feedback with ready-to-use or customized Self, Leadership & 360-degree feedback templates
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Power-up the review cycle

We offer the flexibility of choosing and setting up cycles the way you like it. Follow balanced scorecard methods or the new-age peer feedback scores, or both!
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One on one (1:1)

Have the right conversations, right when it matters

Schedule, Conduct, Record & Follow-through on ad-hoc or pre-set discussion points post employee performance appraisal cycles, using our one-on-one meeting software.
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The measure of potential

Define competencies at an individual or group level, measure them as part of a review cycle, and empower employees to perform to their potential.
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"We realized that if we wanted to have a good performance management system in place, we were having to use multiple other softwares to achieve that. So, we were looking for something that has everything and found it all in one place on peopleHum."
Omar Khatib
Omar Khatib
CEO at Access Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a performance management system?

A performance management system helps organizations track the performance of their employees at an organizational, departmental, and individual level. It includes functions like peer feedback, 360 degree feedback, one-on-one meetings, OKRs, goal-setting and tracking. A good performance management system should also provide actionable insights to help managers identify high and low performers and visualize employee performance across the organization.

How to choose a performance management system?

A good performance management system should allow managers and employees to review past achievements and put current performance in context, it should facilitate the linkage of individual goals to company priorities, should be user friendly and intuitive which would eventually lead to faster employee adoption, and should provide real-time reports to gauge employee performance periodically.

What is the performance management process?

A typical performance management process usually includes the following steps: conducting reviews (360 degree, leadership, peer, individual), collecting feedback, discussing feedback during one-on-ones, creating performance improvement plans, setting goals, and providing rewards.

Does it support collaborative hiring?

peopleHum helps your hiring team members stay on the same page by allowing them to collect and share interview feedback, and collaborate before selecting the right applicant. This also helps reduces bias and high-quality candidates are less likely to be overlooked.

Is an agreement required to become a peopleHum Partner?

Yes. Upon approval, each Partner must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially join the peopleHum Partner Program.

When are partner commissions paid?

Partner commissions are processed monthly and paid out within 30-45 days.

Who do I contact for questions about partner commissions?

In case you have any questions about partner commissions, please write to us at

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