Recruitment Management System

Optimize your talent pool and find the right fit while creating a great candidate experience with peopleHum’s Applicant Tracking System
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Automated onboarding
Hire AI &
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Recruitment funnel

Manage your candidate pipeline

Automate the recruitment process at every stage, engage candidates meaningfully, & go from “Hi” to "Hired" with ease on our hiring system.


Set new hires up for success

Our automated onboarding workflow makes setting up new-hires easy so you can focus less on paperwork & more on creating better first days.
Collaborative Hiring
Hire as a team
Stay in touch with your team at every stage of the hiring process. Collaborate, share candidate profiles, collect notes & view evaluation history.

Hire AI & analytics

Let data show you the way

Measure the effectiveness of your hiring process with data-driven insights, probability scoring, resume parsing & improve the quality of your hires.

Mobile app

Recruit on the go

Review resumes, provide instant interview feedback- all from your phone.

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"We realized that it's very easy to get lost in the hiring process when you have multiple candidates, and you're conducting multiple interviews and need to make sure the feedback from all those interviews is recorded correctly and systematically. That's where peopleHum really helped us out."
Ardy Alam
CEO at Garasi.id