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21 HR Memes that perfectly sum up 2021 | peopleHum
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21 HR Memes that perfectly sum up 2021

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Sharon Monteiro
November 15, 2021
Human Resource Management Platform

The expectations for 2021 began with promises of positivity and optimism. But the year was anything but roses and cherries. However, to say that 2021 was a challenging year for HR professionals would be a massive understatement. After being put through the grinder, here are some hilarious HR memes to give you the opportunity for some long-overdue and well-deserved laughs. Here are the 21 HR memes that perfectly sum up 2021!

The HR memes that perfectly sum up 2021

1. Keeping busy for all the unnecessary reasons

Source: @hr.memes

HR’s mission for 2022: Getting rid of the biggest job application pain that has become a part of our collective consciousness.

2. Recruiting strategy #157

Source: @hr.memes

Giving it your all may not always give you the desired results, but it’s worth taking a shot.

3. Not this again

Source: @hr.memes

Can we get another guidebook about getting through this great cultural revolution in the workplace?

4. A daily struggle

Source: @notSHRMapproved

Alexa, play “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce.

5. Employee feedback

Source: @notSHRMapproved

A lie so big that everyone falls for it.

6. Spoiled by the apparent lack of choice

Source: @notSHRMapproved

*With HR at the back rolling their eyes*

7. Tell us you work in HR without telling us you work in HR

Source: @people_hum

Hey, ever heard of the recycling bin?

8. Half measures

Source: @hr.memes

Lessons on how to make “Eat your greens” mandatory.

9. If only HR could save time in a bottle

Source: @hr.memes

Call it ‘Zoom fatigue’ or a massive waste of resources.

10. Employee self-reviews

Source: @notSHRMapproved

A little self-indulgence can’t do any harm, can it?

11. To engage or not to engage

When will it be enough?

12. When the employee gets the memo

Brownie points for effort

13. When just saying it doesn’t cut it any longer

Source: @people_hum

14. No reason to be stressed

Where is the lie?

15. Missing the mark

Source: @hr.memes

16. All prepped for the return to office

Source: @hr.memes

Exciting times indeed.

17. Making the touch choices

Source: @people_hum

When it came down to making a hard choice, HR did not miss a beat.

18. Everyday is a challenge

Source: @hr.memes

Yeah, everybody knows, Google.

19. The struggle is real

Source: @notSHRMapproved

20. Got it all planned out

Source: @hr.memes

2021 was the year of great experimentation and unique experiences.

21. HR be like

Source: @hr.memes

Frustrated, burned-out, and reconsidering their life choices.

This year has certainly been unlike any other, but we hope that despite it all, HR was given he recognition that it was due. I also hope that this edition of HR memes 2021 gave you a brief respite during a challenging year. You've navigated brilliantly and done quite well so far. Hope you have a happy and fulfilling end of the year!

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all