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Future of work
5 reasons you need Huddle - Infographic
August 10, 2020

Are you conducting stand up’s almost every hour? Is remote working getting your team disconnected? Whether you’re a junior or a manager– we’re all struggling to manage time effectively while working remotely. Productive and successful team cultures don’t have to disappear when your team goes remote

Introducing peopleHum’s Huddle – everything you need to track your team’s activities and collaborate better without having to go through Zoom fatigue.

Why the need for Huddle?

The conception of Huddle birthed with an aim to better adapt to life in the ‘New Normal’. Ensuring better transparency and trust with technology is an epitome of how digitalization can be put to use to accentuate the humanness in the workforce. By upholding qualities that make us human, peopleHum has successfully been able to maintain a fine balance between man and machine.

With its centralized dashboard, Huddle enables you to visualize your remote team’s daily schedule runs, illustrate blockers, determine who’s working on what and when, reduce communication friction, and boost efficiency, making teamwork seamless and managing time, a piece of cake!

What's more?

What if your workplace accommodated to your current mood for the day? Overwhelmed with work? Stressed out? Feeling extra bubbly? Say it with an emoticon! The mood tracking feature on Huddle, helps you get a better sense of the emotional state your team members are in while working remotely.

We created an infographic giving you 5 reasons you need to implement Huddle

5 reasons you need Huddle - Infographic | peopleHum

By making your work way easier with tools that are available at your disposal in a single frame, Huddle is every manager’s fantasy and every employee’s hope.

We hope that you gleaned some really great insights from the infographic on Huddle that we've designed just for you! So, what are you waiting for? Get Huddle today and put an end to all your remote team management woes!!

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5 reasons you need Huddle - Infographic
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