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Transforming The Human Resources Landscape With Artificial Intelligence
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Transforming The Human Resources Landscape With Artificial Intelligence

Mahi Pillai
July 2, 2024

"Artificial intelligence is by far the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire." says Sundar Pichai, and let’s be honest he might be onto something with that statement.

The huge wave of Artificial Intelligence in recent years has revolutionized and brought about immense changes to every major sector, and Human Resources (HR) is no exception to that. AI is rapidly transforming how we manage our most valuable assets – our people. From the recruitment process to employee engagement, AI is enhancing efficiency, reducing biases, and offering predictive and informative insights that were once unimaginable.

According to a recent study more than 81% of HR leaders are exploring or actively using AI to improve efficiency in their organizations, with these number in mind let’s discuss in detail how AI is rapidly reshaping the HR space and why (we) Peoplehum is the best friend every HR team worldwide needs in this dynamic industry.

How does AI integrate into HR operations ?

Artificial intelligence can greatly enhance and simplify the whole HR process in various aspects starting from recruitment to all the way up to retirement and we understand that HR professionals are actively wanting to hire top talent, nurture them and develop strategic initiatives. That's why we've built an AI powered comprehensive software to cater to all your needs from “Hire to Retire”. Below are some use cases for the same

1) Recruiting and Talent Acquisition : 

Recruiting the appropriate personnel is the foundation of any successful firm. However, older approaches can be sluggish and subjective. According to a LinkedIn research, 67% of HR professionals feel that artificial intelligence has significantly decreased hiring time. AI-enabled solutions may boost the entire recruiting process, as seen below.

  • Automated Screening  - ATS or application tracking system backed by AI can seamlessly scan through and analyze numerous resumes and select only them which match a certain set of criteria. With peoplehum you can automate this resume screening and pick out only the most suitable candidates and focus on them.
  • Skills Assessment -  AI can also assess a candidate's skill set by using algorithms to understand and develop personalized tasks for them and also automate scheduling and taking interviews.
  • Candidate Engagement with Chatbots - AI Chatbots trained on company data can relentlessly answer frequently asked questions about the company like policies, work environment 24/7 which can reduce recruiter workload and help them focus on more crucial aspects. Our AI chatbot, Phia is available around the clock to address your concerns, go say hii !

2) Employee Onboarding :

Using Artificial intelligence during the onboarding process can help make this seemingly daunting process for a new employee a relatively personalized and smooth experience and can help the candidate navigate the organization easily.

Additionally It can also facilitate providing them with a customized learning path as per their pace to help them get in sync with the organization and get all the information relevant to their roles more quickly and effectively

Peoplehum acts as personal mentor, analyzing the new hire’s skills to create a tailored onboarding program with all the necessary training resources which fosters a sense of belonging in the employee and sets them up for success from the very first day.

3) Performance Management and Development : 

Performance management is also an area which has been deeply revolutionized with the introduction of artificial intelligence, since old traditional ways of reviewing an employee's performance are very time consuming and subjective while also often lacking actionable feedback to pass on to the employee.

But with AI it’s a whole different story, now with the help of various AI tools (No need to bust your heads and look for different tools when you have peoplehum by your side, we’ve got it all, literally ! ) you can carry out continuous performance monitoring of your employees with real time feedback for a more accurate assessment and provide actionable insights and reports. 

  • Real Time Feedback - Forget waiting for months to provide feedback, with AI it can be carried out continuously in real time. Peoplehum analyzes employee data from various sources, including performance reviews, goals, and project management tools. This provides managers with a clear picture of employee performance, allowing  them to offer more frequent and targeted feedback conversations to the employees.
  • Predictive Analysis - AI can actively analyze past historic data and forecast future trends and employee behaviors which can help Hr’s make informed decisions. For example AI can predict employee turnover, allowing organizations to implement retention strategies effectively also to identify potential leadership candidates .PeopleHum's platform leverages such analytics, empowering HR to develop a more future-proof and development-oriented work environment.

With Peoplehum by your side, performance management is no longer a once-a-year, paper-driven exercise. We bring  real-time insights and objective evaluation to the forefront:

4) Employee Engagement and Retention : 

A happy and engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Having a healthy employee engagement rate is a crucial pillar for any establishment;s success, and that’s where AI can play a pivotal role. Our Sentiment analysis tools can measure employee morale by understanding communication patterns and feedbacks from sources like surveys, social media and emails. These insights enable the Hr to understand areas of concern beforehand and proactively work on addressing them.

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, companies who leveraged Ai to provide learning and development training saw an increase of 32% in employee productivity. That accounts to something right ?

PeopleHum acknowledges  individual strengths and contributions. Our platform analyzes employee data to personalize recognition programs, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivating employees to excel.

Benefits of using AI in Human Resources 

Artificial intelligence have no doubt brought tremendous changes and enhancement to the Human resources sector, some of the key benefits are as follows :

  • Time Efficiency : 

Drastic reduction in time is one of the major benefits of using AI in daily HR activities, it automates time consuming processes and gives the HR professional the freedom to focus on more important tasks where human touch is required.

  • Cost Effectiveness : 

Cost reduction is a direct result of time efficiency gained by the use of AI, since less time is being used to carry out tasks indirectly helps the company to save money and better allocate their financial resources to grow the business.

  • Improved Decision Making : 

With comprehensive data driven insights provided by AI, HR professionals can make better and informed decisions when it comes to talent acquisition, performance management or even driving strategic initiatives.

  • Reduced Bias : 

Since AI can filter out details such as name,age, gender etc it allows the selection of candidates based solely on the skills they have and the required qualification, thus reducing personal biases during the hiring process.  

How will AI shape HR in the future?

As we  progress even further, AI is likely to keep enhancing HR operations in the future. As more HR departments integrate AI into their daily operations, organizations more or less have to adopt AI technology to stay competitive. 

However it is important to address that the use of AI won't be replacing the need of humans in the future. A collaboration between human efforts and Ai is the only way we can ensure to make the HR Space thrive and grow.

At PeopleHum, we're not just witnessing this change; we're leading the charge.

Start your free trial today and help create a future brimming with possibilities for a more efficient, effective, and employee-centric workplace.

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Transforming The Human Resources Landscape With Artificial Intelligence

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