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How business leaders in different countries are dealing with COVID - 19

How business leaders in different countries are dealing with COVID - 19

HR blogs
March 25, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

The COVID - 19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected millions of people on the planet. Every single person from a fresher to the head of a company is undergoing a stressful period of massive adjustments to changes. We all know the problems those lower in the career ladder might be posed with - lack of jobs, lower pay, and extra-time work.

But have you stopped to wonder the issues global leaders from every nook and cranny of the world are encountering? Do you feel challenges for the C-suite vary across geographies? Would coping strategies adopted by business leaders differ based on a plethora of factors?

To kind of shift our focus from personal struggles to concerns of a higher degree, we need an insight into the varied nature of issues occupying minds of those seated in the upper rungs of the organizational hierarchy. No better way to dive deeper into this topic than by getting perspectives straight from the horses’ mouths. Word has gone around that six top-notch panelists accompanied by two highly professional moderators from distinct parts of the globe are making their presence felt in the upcoming Virtual Panel Discussion. Here’s a little sneak peak on what the experts have to say!

David Perez deals with all things diverse!

David Perez (Latin America) - Around the world, integrating minorities in workplaces has increasingly become the need of the hour. A company that occasionally practices inclusivity seldom makes a mark on people. Be it in privately owned companies, startups, public issues or global NGOs, basic human rights cannot be taken away on discriminatory grounds. This Costa Rican Political Scientist strives to expand the vision of Ruh Global Communications and impact the lives of people with disabilities both in developed and developing countries. 

Now, that touches on amicable work cultures, right? Let’s see what Antonio Santos has to say about transformations in workplace thinking.

Antonio Santos (European Union) - Leveraging opportunities that link technology, new ideas, and people through networking, organizations are getting more digital and using technology as an enabler in routine work activities. Bringing with him loads of experience in digital consultation with organizations, there isn’t anybody better than him to promote digitalization alongside diversity to achieve maximum engagement, productivity and satisfaction.

Turns out he is accompanied by Neil Milliken, who also strives to employ technology to enable inclusivity!

Neil Milliken (United Kingdom) - Wondering how to strategize and make services available for developing appropriate policies, processes and technology solutions to modern-day human problems? We’ve got you sorted with this guru who specializes in inclusive design and assistive technologies. Their deployment not just reduces barriers between workers but also removes the ‘blues’ from Mondays. What is crucial for materializing it is the principle of the 3A’s - availability, accessibility and affordability. With his step-by-step explanation model, Neil has proved that an embedding of such inclusive practices helps kill two birds with a single stone, eventually resulting in the normalization of co-operative and unbiased work styles.

How business leaders in different countries are dealing with COVID - 19

Inclusion and integration are keys to successful businesses. Let’s see what Debra Ruh has to add to this.

Debra Ruh (USA) - To get a piece of advice from the world’s leading authority on disability inclusion is huge, and this boss lady is a repository of knowledge so much so that every minute spent more with her is less! By mentoring leaders to be appreciative and respectful, Ruh Global Impact trains leaders to recognize innovation and creativity in people coming from diverse backgrounds. Isn’t it ridiculous how we give our judgement on who is valuable and who isn’t? It is not that people are disabled in society but that society disables people. Being an epitome of converting negative remarks into positive, Debra supports the practice of ‘labeling individuals’ but only if labels help us understand, not if they feed into discrimination. It is solely through breaking barriers between employees and embracing differences that we can wholly embrace the best that is yet to come!

Shifting gears to feedback strategies with Himanshu Saxena.

Himanshu Saxena (India) - Often, it becomes challenging to develop strategies for giving feedback. Without the blueprint in place, could effective execution ever take place? Tackling this ever-concerning procedure of feedback mechanism, Himanshu advocates solving of workplace issues through healthy internal communication. There’s no doubt that humans need a constant, authentic reality check to be cognizant of their vulnerabilities and to push themselves forward to do better. As much as these must-do’s occupy those lower in the organizational hierarchy, these very questions are what hound leaders too! Combining strategy, execution and coaching to influence change in leaders, escalating the growth agenda is where this influencer’s niche skills lie. Should you be on the quest for any kinds of interventions and redirections in leadership journeys, you know whom to contact!

A sneak peek into the life of Reeta Nathwani, an exceptional leader in her own right.

Reeta Nathwani (Singapore) - What’s better than getting insights on coping strategies used in other Asian countries from influencers with decades of work experience? Let’s have a piece of enlightening chat with a great role model who specializes in executive coaching and leadership training! Being a true catalyst for positive transformations, she hopes to make an impact on society as a whole through coaching. Satiate your curiosity to know how change on a micro, personalized level can reflect in macro shifts in worldviews!

Bridging gaps between the audience and the panelists.

LaMondré Tough (USA) - By keeping people as the center of his career journey and the reason for every organization’s successes, LaMondré is the man behind unleashing people’s true potential. By combining people empowerment, diversity, technology and accessibility, he ensures organizations achieve their best. Productivity during remote work is something that is occupying every leader’s mind in COVID-19. Tune in to see his way of boosting employee morale during uncertain times!

Is he the only one moderating the discussion? Of course not.

Nayan Jadeja (India) - Last but not least, the panel has on board the co-founder of Coviam Technologies, with specialized knowledge and training in employee and customer engagement. By constantly being on the journey of learning, a desire to know more is something that piques him. For each spectator far and wide, there’s more to grasp from his expertise in managing people than meets the eye!

Would you be interested in a conversation that will loop pandemic to people, people to leaders, and leaders to coping strategies? The right mix of information, which would be elaborately spoken about and answered in the virtual panel discussion, would quench your thirst for getting realistic answers to pointed questions.

With the panel that represents around 50% of the planet, this would be a good start to adjust yourself to the changes that await you during and post the ravages of the pandemic. Pitch in and collaborate in this unique opportunity with global leaders from various sectors and geographies.

Get an insight into overarching problems concerning those at the top rungs of the organizational hierarchy, which would in a way also be beneficial for those at the bottom. We have the ultimate solution to all your questions. 

We bring to you eight top experts from almost every continent on this planet – Debra Ruh, Himanshu Saxena, Antonio Santos, David Perez, Neil Milliken, and Reeta Nathwani, accompanied by LaMondré Pough and Nayan Jadeja!

Book your seats for the ultimate live global webinar on change management during COVID - 19 here!

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How business leaders in different countries are dealing with COVID - 19

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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