HR Portal and the Prisoner of Office-bans – Redefine Workplaces

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HR Portal and the Prisoner of Office-bans – Redefine Workplaces
HR Portal and the Prisoner of Office-bans

Quite often, a company looks like a platform 9 ¾ and promises a magical, Hogwarts express ride. And that may happen as well. But it’s important to make sure that your employees have a safe sorting hat experience and that they don’t feel as though they have been restricted to use their powers and skills. The HR must make sure that the employees feel at ease and do not feel as though their hands have been tied. The HR portal which comes tagged along with the latest HR software can ensure that every employee feels a sense of belonging. And hence, these portals can redefine a workplace.

Top five spells to be used at workplace

Hocus Pocus never out of Focus

If an employee is not given enough appreciation and if their efforts are not acknowledged, there are high chances of employee burnout. Enough focus must be given to every individual in the company. Their inputs must be valued and heard, with the all-new AI integrated HR portal in the talent management software, life is easy, work is easier and employee focus is just a click away. 

Wingardium Leviosa, Let yourself a little loose sir

Employees don’t want to work in an office that feels intimidating and strict. Give them leverages, cut some slack once in a while, try to understand their takes, and most importantly, try not to be harsh. A positive environment will result in a positive mindset which eventually results in positive work patterns. As the boss or the manager, refrain from being too rigid. In other words, loosen up a little.

Expectations Patronum

Understand the employee expectations effectively using the new generation HR software. It comes with a portal wherein employees can provide their suggestions and expectations. Keeping track of employee profiles has never been easier. Don’t let them keep their expectations at bay. Get it right with the right platform for your company.

Alohamora- Open the HR portal to new ways of engagement

It’s essential to ensure that there is ample amount of engagement. Recognize the talent, take surveys and polls and do everything effortlessly with the all-new people management software which provides state of the art features and easier ways to nurture and engage the employees. As a result of which, one can explore new realms and hit the right spot. Because you can't get it wrong with the right HR software.

Abracadabra- not a flexible workplace. Huh?

You don’t want 'he who must not be named' to take away your ace talent. There’s no room for strict leave policies and day-offs anymore. The competition is on the rise and there is a truckload of options out in the open. Therefore, the employees need to be given enough leaves. With the emergence of advanced technology, they can keep track of their off days, apply for leaves without any hassle and get it approved in prior.

Redefining Employee Experience Through An HR Portal

It might not be possible to make every employee experience magical. But, one can ensure that each of them feel included and are not put in Slytherin against their wishes. In conclusion, it’s the job of the HR to assure that everybody feels included, even the Muggles. One does not want to cast the wrong spell and let the company go down the drain.  It’s not as hard as before, it’s as easy as a song.

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