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10 Inspiring HR trends to look out for in 2023
HR Trends

10 Inspiring HR trends to look out for in 2023

Anagha Vallikat
May 18, 2023

HAAaaaachu! Bye-bye 2022! I mean seriously, 2022 went in a blink and here we are, in the brim of 2023 already. 2022 has been a year where we witnessed a myriad of surprising things like an egg taking over Instagram. That had left me ‘eggspressionless’ for quite some time! Well, jokes apart, workplaces have witnessed some major changes in 2022 and guess what, there are more changes in store for 2023. We have always been wordy about edgy technology in our blogs and this blog will place focus on the top 10 HR trends for 2023 for some HR inspiration.

The top 10 HR trends for 2023

10 Inspiring HR trends to look out for in 2020 | peopleHum

1. Automation, automation, automation

We have been hearing the word too often, too many times that it has now become part of our daily vocabulary. We have talked about automation in HR in our previous blogs and how they play a major role in taking the pain off of the shoulders of HR professionals. The present-day organizations and the organizations of the future have a tenor to do fast-paced business or rather are forced into the fast lane.

However, they require strategies that are consistent and agile at the same time. These processes need to be able to adapt quickly to changing business priorities. That’s where HR automation comes into play and sweeps us by the feet.

However, every coin has two sides. While using automation for recruitment, it must not mean that there is no scrutiny and it is just a keyword match. This can be resolved by choosing the right human capital management platforms. Automation helps us in a number of ways like,

2. Gig economy

While talking about the top 10 HR trends for 2023, Gig Economy is something which we cannot keep aside. We have discussed in one of our previous blogs that millennials are on the rise and would be the majority of the workforce. Well, that’s another aspect of the future of work, which does not need any further explanation.

However, the patterns that the millennials follow, the patterns that they love and loathe are to be taken into consideration. They have a strong inclination towards the gig economy. Brace yourselves, dear HR professionals, you have a lot of people coming in who are already ready to leave! Having said that, the Gig economy is not all that bad. Short term contracts do not essentially pronounce inefficiency. It just means that the future workforce is not exactly bent towards long term  commitment

Gig economy is characterized by short term contracts, freelance works, temporary jobs and likewise. Data shows that 70% of firms used gig workers in 2018 (Source)and the numbers are bound to rise in 2023. This is not bad news for either employees or organizations, one just has to be bent on making the best out of the current situation at hand.

3. Talent acquisition redefined

With the advancement in technology, there are numerous changes which have happened to talent acquisition and hiring. We have discussed in detail about the impact of technology on talent acquisition in our previous blog. In case if you had missed it, you can read it here. The past, present, and future of talent acquisition

4. Chatbots

It's impossible to write a blog on inspiring top 10 HR trends for 2023 and not include chatbots. As we have discussed in our previous blog, chatbots are becoming an integral part of organizations. The initial set up might be a little challenging since you have to figure out the frequently asked questions and then feed them into the bot. But, once that process is done, HR would be blessed with a lot of free time on hand as their major chunk of the day goes in dealing with people’s queries. Questions regarding compensation, benefits, incentives, leaves and likewise can be answered by the chatbot. Another great hack for writing a blog fast and effectively is using AI content generators such as or a Jasper alternative.

5. Change the game with gamification

The top 10 HR trends for 2023 not only in employee engagement but in all stretches like an interview process, goal setting and more. Who doesn’t have a child in them? who doesn’t pop the bubble when they see a bubble wrap? Admit it, all of us do! Gamification brings in a tad bit of fun to the workplace and helps in breaking the monotony. Not just that, it also helps to create an environment that is friendly and not hostile.

However, let’s not take gamification too literally. It does not just stand for fun and frolic. It also stands for bringing in the elements of the game to the workplace. Competitive mindset, calling out to employees to bet on themselves, progress tracking and likewise for instance. In short, gamification is a gamechanger. Keep an eye out for game changers at your organization.

6. Widening skill gaps call for re-skilling

We have emphasized this point time and again in a number of blogs. Technology is not here to disrupt, it just makes things easier and demands us to polish our existing skills and develop new ones. You have to be ready not just to fill the talent gaps but also to fill the knowledge gaps. You are never too old to play nor to learn.

Most of the employees are devoid of the skills that are actually required. Change is the only thing that is constant in this fast-paced world and the sooner you understand that, the better. Employee upskilling will help you in this regard. Always remember that it is totally fine to invest in your employees and let me quote one of our favourite quotes,

“You don’t build a business. You build people and people build your business”

Keeping that in mind, invest in them and make them ready to reskill themselves not because they are any less than anyone but because they can be much more than everyone!

7. Shrinking HR teams

This is not a red-flag but is definitely something to look out for. There is so much automation that is happening. Be it resume parsing, ATS and likewise. However, there are other roles that arise because of the automation of work. As mentioned, technology does not put a knife on any job, but it surely demands upskilling.

8. Employee experience platforms

We have discussed about the shift from employee engagement to employee experience and about the importance of curating an exemplary employee experience. Become a brand that everyone wants to work for. Become the destination and not the dialogue “maybe it’s my destiny”. Delivering a great employee experience will not cost you much. It just needs you to care, create and conserve. Care for the employees, create a non-hostile organization, conserve the rights of employees and also, exceed the expectations.

9. Better candidate experiences

Another top 10 HR trends for 2023 is, while interviewing a candidate or while talking to a candidate, one has to keep in mind that candidates are customers too. A study showed that around 47% of candidates did not get a proper response from their employers. This can cause a dip in the likeability for the organization. Below is the case of Virgin Media who lost customers due to gaps in communication with the candidate.

However, this can be solved with the help of the latest HR technology like natural language processing, a new kind of voice and language recognition system. It has not yet been widely used. But, voice technology is said to streamline a lot of HR processes. Companies like McDonald’s are already following this trend. This voice technology can be used to send voice-activated offer/rejection letters. This way, the candidates will feel valued and worthy.

10. Unity in diversity

The top HR trends for 2023 is that a diverse workforce is all set to rock the workplaces. This diversity would include a mix of genders and people from different generations. Worry not, we have a blog that details how to handle a multi-millennial workforce.


2023 is just around the corner and we are going to witness major technological advancements. Buckle up for a year of surprises and anticipate changes. Understand that you have to be in the race to win the race, employees are the crux of your organization and must be your major concern. Embrace the shift that has happened from employee engagement to employee experience and ace employer branding. Keep this list of top 10 HR trends for 2023 for some HR inspiration in mind and you are all set to go.

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10 Inspiring HR trends to look out for in 2023

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