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Introducing Huddle- Remote team management tool for winning teams
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Introducing Huddle- Remote team management tool for winning teams

HR blogs
Prachi Goradia
March 11, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

Are you tired of endless meetings and boring conferences too? Do you spend most of your workday rushing from one meeting to another? Do you too see the irony in time-management meetings that, well you got it, don’t know how to manage their own time? 

With working remotely becoming the norm, we’ve observed that most organizations spend most of their working hours trying to just communicate about their daily tasks on video conferences, chats or filling a gazillion sheets and before you know it, half the day’s already up! 

We have racked our brains for hours on end to try and design a solution around this, so we've finally got it! 

Introducing Huddle by peopleHum, your own little saviour that will help you organize, prioritize and most importantly make your work-life super easy and fun! So what is Huddle and why should you get it? Huddle is the answer to all your prayers! 

Okay, drama aside, Huddle is a remote team management tool that peopleHum has developed to help keep track of your daily tasks, progress reports, communication and tracking problems, feedback and analysis cycles, alerts and nudges, check-ins and a plethora of other useful tools, all in one place, neatly packed with an interactive and clean interface, an AI-integrated chatbot and organization skills that’ll put your OCD to rest!

Remote team management tool - peoplehum

Core features of Huddle - the remote team management tool

  1. Team Task’s Board
  2. Alert and Nudges
  3. Integrated chatHum platform
  4. Check-ins and Check-outs
  5. Sentiment and Feedback

1. Team Task’s Board

Do you love organising your tasks too? Do you also hoard binders and maintain excel sheets to track your progress? Huddle by peopleHum, with inbuilt trackers, and a system that allows you to assign and keep track of your teammates, check individual and team progress and alert you when due dates are near. 

Each individual employee can add in their own tasks and get team members involved and notified, and even the team lead can directly assign you tasks and manage your progress and growth. Customized into a calendar view, managing tasks just got a whole lot easier!

2. Alert and Nudges

Are you neck-deep in countless tasks that you honestly can’t keep a track of? We’ve been there too and feel your pain. As a leader, you can now send reminders or nudges to your teammates and ask them to check-in on overdue tasks. The nudges will show up as emails, mobile notifications, and even a ping on the platform itself so there's no way you can miss them! Now, go ahead and slay all your deadlines with a flourish and emerge a winner!

3. Integrated chatHum platform

Is your workplace communication scattered over a million platforms? Do you often find it difficult to keep up with follow-ups? Huddle lets you chat with your team members about on-going tasks, deadlines and everything in between on the platform itself! With an integrated ChatHum platform, this remote team management tool makes keeping in touch with your teammates and virtual team management feel effortless! Just ping someone if you’re facing a difficulty or need assistance or just want to encourage your colleague on their spectacular job!

4. Check-ins and Check-outs:

Is your company strict about attendance and working hours? Do you sometimes forget to sign in and lose the day’s hours? Huddle allows you to check-in to your workplace as soon as you get in and have an overview of your day’s tasks, pending or incomplete assignments and any upcoming tasks right there, so that you can optimise your workday with ease. You can also rearrange your tasks by dragging the previous ones to today or today’s to the future.

5. Sentiment and Feedback:

How would you feel if your workplace accommodated your current mood for the day? Feeling a little under the weather? Notify your team-mates with a frown emoticon or feeling extra bubbly today? We’ve crafted Huddle around your daily mood too, a millennial platform for the millennial workplace! You can select from an array of emoticons to express what you’re feeling at the beginning of the workday and let your teammates decide, if they should ask you for help or if today is a chocolate cake level emergency day for you!

All said and done, wouldn’t it be better if we could get a first-hand opinion from someone who uses the platform daily to manage a dynamic team? So, to get more insights into the problems and requirements of a team leader, we got in touch with our very own leader ninja, Olivia Crawford, who makes managing a huge team look like a piece of cake! Here are some snippets of our conversation with her:

Her day starts at the crack of dawn and so do her emails and messages! Her first order of the day is usually checking up on previous commitments and engagements and updating her task lists for the day, which never seem to end! She then updates her calendar and blocks her schedule for numerous calls and video conferences, followed by updating a plethora of sheets and reports for the day. All this would practically eat away at two hours of her morning time every day. With Huddle, things have taken a 180-degree turn for Olivia, let’s find out how!

How has Huddle helped you manage a team of over 50 members?

Olivia: Huddle has been a great help in both organization and communication with the team, be it about tasks, performance or even feedback. Most of my team members are new joiners who are still learning the ropes and this feature has helped me keep a track of their tasks and performances as well. And as the team grows, it becomes nearly impossible to keep a track of what each person is doing at an individual level and who needs help and guidance, but with Huddle, I can assign tasks to everyone and check their hourly progress with the click of a button! 

This remote team management tool has greatly helped in reducing the back and forth that had to be done with each team member individually and keep a better track of their own progress and deliver feedback accordingly. Plus the added benefit of check-ins, peer tracking and task collation helps everyone stay at the top of their game! I too enjoy competing with the other team leads and the look on their faces when I finish my tasks first, is priceless, she jokes.

As a team leader, what is one of the most important qualities that makes or breaks a team?

Olivia: Transparency. If each member knows what the other is doing, even what their own leader is doing, it promotes a healthy culture of openness and pushes everyone to give their best, while giving me an unbiased view of my team members. I can easily watch out for the high performers and understand the shortcomings of the ones that aren’t able to cope up with the rest of the team. 

Did you know that more than half of remote employees say that they feel disconnected from in-office employees? (CoSo Cloud)

With Huddle, you can see what your peers are doing too and where they stand in the team, performance wise. I believe that this is essential as it creates an environment of healthy competitions where everyone is encouraged to achieve more than they thought was possible and grow professionally as well as personally.

With the sentiment tracking feature, do you believe that everyone will be comfortable and honest in selecting their emoticons?

Olivia: I believe that if the management is willing to accommodate your sentiments, then you should be true to your team and also yourself. It helps create a better employee experience and engagement with the organization. When one employee sees that their peer is feeling down, they can help cheer them up and if they themselves are feeling low, they’ll be rest assured that someone will be there for them too.

It eventually strengthens the team and helps build a close knit community of people that are striving for the same goal. Also on a leadership level, it helps me understand where you as an employee are coming from and can help me psychologically connect with you on a deeper level and help you cross any difficulties that come in the way of meeting your targets and goals.

"I particularly feel that this generation is honest and genuine."

So yes, to answer the question, I particularly feel that this generation is honest and genuine when it comes to personal and emotional problems and is willing to help each other overcome their own barriers and hurdles! 

Huddle has one-on-one feedback and chat options, how do you think this will help the team?

Olivia: Feedback is an essential step not only for professional growth but also to better yourself as a person. We at peopleHum, prioritize your personal growth as much as your professional one, or even more so because who you’re as a person will reflect in what you do at work. In the existing modules of feedback, especially when most of us are working remotely, it becomes necessary to hold people accountable and encourage them to grow in the right direction.

Did you know that if they could, 99% of people would choose to work remotely, at least part-time, for the rest of their careers. (Buffer)

Most of my teammates don’t hesitate to ask for constructive criticism or feedback on a particular task or even at the end of the month. And they make it a point to incorporate those changes and inputs in their routines, but there are some people, I’m sure across all organizations, that are either too shy or nervous to ask for feedback or aren’t simply bothered with getting one. For those employees, Huddle will be a gift as it’ll help them have scheduled feedback cycles and analysis and they’ll be able to stay ahead of their game.

Did you know that email is the primary method of communication for remote employees, followed by instant messaging, and video chat.

ChatHum will be greatly useful in clearing any doubts around a particular task then and there, instead of hunting around various channels and communication apps. It’ll also avoid a lot of confusion and create more openness and transparency around any and all processes. So, I do believe that this remote team management tool will not only help me but also my teammates significantly.

Those are some great insights as a team leader, but how will Huddle help employees that are not directly on the managerial or leadership level? What about interns and new joiners? Do you think that they’ll benefit from Huddle too?

Olivia: Of course, I strongly believe that Huddle is for everyone, from someone at an entry-level to the CEO or CHO of the company. Most of the interns are freshly out of college and are very new to working in a corporate structure, we aim to give them the best in class experience at the beginning of their career journeys itself! 

With task organizers, you’ll be able to stay true to your team and be held accountable for whatever responsibilities that you’ve undertaken. It will act as a mirror that will show you both your accomplishments, as well as your shortcomings, and help you be the judge of whether this internship was the right place for you or not. As you recognize your own blockers and overcome them, it’ll help fuel your desire to be a better and more organized employee, that will one day become a great leader. 

At the end of your internship period, you will also be able to map out your growth in the professional sphere and be able to get a grasp of whether you’ve stayed true to your career path or not. I myself started my journey as an intern at peopleHum and today I’m leading a team of twenty plus members, and all that is because I was able to identify my own shortcomings and had leaders that guided me on the right path.

You heard it, people, Huddle is honestly the answer to all your prayers and more! So what are you waiting for? Get this super-packed remote team management tool and watch your organization transform into a mega house of growth and scalability. Remove all your workplace hurdles with Huddle today!

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Introducing Huddle- Remote team management tool for winning teams

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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