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Leaving no stone unturned | peopleHum
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Leaving no stone unturned

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Sneha Moorthy
August 24, 2021
Human Resource Management Platform

I joined peopleHum 6 months back, and life for me hasn't been the same since then. Let me share my personal experience, because what’s better than a personal story right!

Like all the other adults today, 6 months back in November I was scrolling down through social media and just passing my time. Suddenly a thought, a "2 AM thought" as the world now says, hit me. I had graduated, I had even worked in a corporate but couldn't survive the threshold there, couldn't survive the mechanic, machine-like life there, I opted to resign and now, sitting at home scrolling through social media doing nothing. For some reason I did have a belief that I would land up somewhere, do something, do an MBA and all of it, but what am I doing now, this thought made me uncomfortable.

2 AM in the morning, I am downloading an internship providing platform app and in the haste of my thoughts, I apply to the first internship that I stumbled upon. Immediately my interviews are scheduled, I walk in, formally dressed, and completely nervous. I hadn't given my interview yet, but the moment I entered, a sense of belonging, a sense of warmth was the first thing I felt.

I got selected and joined immediately the next day. Since then, I have left no stone unturned.

When it comes to people over here, I have heard my friends say “Your office colleagues cannot be your friends”. But it's not the same here. Each and every person is ready to help, ready to contribute, and never judge, it's just like family.

The leaders here are not just leaders, they are mentors in the true sense. They are young and they have set an example of what actually hard work, loyalty, and diligence reap you to. 

When you usually go for an interview, you have a job role decided, you go to an interview, get selected, and do that redundant work everyday 9-5, 10-7, 6 days a week or whatever. But what I experienced here was different - explore, explore where you fit in, learn new things. That is when I truly realized what deep concept learning actually is. 

I never in my rarest of thoughts had an idea of doing what I am doing today. I never knew I could write a blog or any content. I never trusted myself but my leaders did, I could have failed, yet they gave me an opportunity. And it was a blessing, I wrote my first blog, my leader helped me see where I can improve, how can it be made better. She could have simply asked a professional to rewrite and could have done that, instead she took out time from her busy schedule, sat with me, and helped me learn it better. And yes it was published, I kept learning how to be better at it and I'm still learning.

As I said, my journey here has left no stones unturned, the next big thing that happened or is still happening is the COVID 19. Lockdown announced, for a couple of days, extended to a couple of weeks and now to a couple of months! But how I see this entire situation is like it's a blessing in disguise. There is an economic crunch and some people at home are frustrated with their job, anxious about how long is this lockdown going to be there and when can they get out of here and jump in, to the office, because they are simply bored at home now. But peopleHum has come out like a plant that can find a way for itself even through concrete.

But peopleHum has come out like a plant that can find a way for itself even through concrete.

A big wave of Influencer series, 100s of leaders, 100s of thoughts and opinions, who would have thought 3 months back that this is possible, but yes peopleHum did it and I’m thankful and blessed to be a part of it.

I as an individual am more inclined and interested in motivation and self-help contents, I've grown up in that environment listening to my dad speak about real-life incidents and life lessons, and I simply love listening to it, and this influencer series is just like a gold mine to me.

The best-known names in the industry like Marshall Goldsmith, whom I've just followed like one of those in a crowd of millions. It is a dream come true to listen to him and it's more of a blessing to work on it in the backend. That feeling, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of joy was possible only because of peopleHum. I personally got so emotionally attached to those interviews, and I'm proud to be a part of it. 

If you ask me how remote working has been, has it been redundant and boring and are you tired, my answer would be NO, instead I’m talking to my colleagues more now, we don't talk only when we are sleeping, we have our Friday cultures still going on but in remote working mode! We have had fun discussions with our leaders and CEO, we have had our Friday night gaming sessions and also celebrated our leader’s birthday over a call with games. It's fun! I enjoy every single day and the only thing I would say I miss is the beautiful office that we have with bean bags and a workstation idea adopted from an ice cream parlor! Yeah! I mean it.

Apart from that, our leaders do keep a constant check, not just in terms of professional work but also if I'm really doing okay! When I said earlier it's a family here, I meant it. You are not just an employee who has to work for a particular time, but you are actually heard and you are actually given that space to work in your comfort and that does make us responsible to meet our targets. 

Some days are low, some days are chaotic and ad hoc but, I love that rush, I love that rush of being a workaholic, but you are not alone, the team gets together, the brainstorming session of ideas, keeps it lively and it feels light.

Today where I stand, and when I look back, whatever I am now and whatever I have turned into now, would have never been possible if not for peopleHum. It has carved me into something I never thought I could ever be. I'm thankful for the opportunity and for all the leaders, colleagues,  mentors who have been with me on this journey. I am proud to be a part of the peopleHum family.

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all