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HR Trends
6 Reasons Why You Need A Performance Management System in Maldives
Nirvi B
September 22, 2021

A fascinating spot rooted in culture & tradition, Maldives is beyond a region that makes your vacation unforgettable. The employees of tourists resorts present the most popular Maldives performance - "Boduberu" to their guests. Performed by a team of 15-20 men, the dance requires drummers, dancers and singers who collaborate together to present their warm efforts.

Collaborating – working together closely – is a vital step team members can take towards improved performance.

Coming to the corporate side of the story. When HR managers review employee performance, there's an underlying deal of who did better than the other.

There needs to be an added value to make review cycles and appraisals more effective, rather than simply making a decision with what’s on the surface.

Why an effective performance management system helps?

1. Offers real-time feedback

What we call an annual performance review is a traditional approach of evaluation. The biggest problem of annual appraisals is the recency bias it creates. Meaning – giving importance to the most recent events in an employee’s performance. The key is to get into the habit of continuous feedback throughout the year, thereby taking every progress and pitfall of an employee into account. This increases the accuracy and reliability of performance data.

2. Sets the right goals

Once a performance management system offers clear and accurate data, the focus gets magnified on the improvement areas. You may win better visibility of both short-term and long-term objectives. These help employees understand how their efforts contribute to the greater goals. Managers further get to monitor and measure progress and feedback wherever necessary.

3. Preserves past records in one place

It’s nearly impossible for both managers and employees to recall the contribution for an entire year’s work progress. This levels down to being unsure about the holistic nature of an employee performance. It raises the question of inaccuracy of previous records and their follow-ups. An effective performance management system in Maldives will keep track of the past data, reviews and notes. It leads to better configure the current progress of an employee, and how you can use the right instruments to improve employee performance wherever needed.

4. Helps monitor team and individual goals

One must understand two concepts to carry out a competency-based performance review. Firstly, skills and secondly, certain job responsibilities. Strong knowledge of skills lets you predict and track an employee’s success in a job role. With the inclusion of a performance management system in Maldives, or any country, a clear view of the competency metrics, of both employee and the team, is won. This drives a better pull towards building greater organizational goals.

5. Balances the evaluation with 360-degree feedback

Seeing how others are reviewed enables team members to construct their own performance and behavioural objectives. A comprehensive report with their strengths and areas for improvement is provided to team members. An employee with 360-degree feedback will receive a higher level of self-confidence. Managers too are encouraged to share constructive feedback with team members, that pushes one ahead to recognise their co-workers with whom they have worked.

6. Boosts productivity and engagement

Performance reviews offer employees and managers the opportunity to discuss how they work together and how they can improve. If done right, you keep your employees engaged and motivated to maximise and align their efforts. Not conducting real-time review cycles also means more pressure to both managers and employees, causing concern and diminishing employee engagement. A feedback solution in real-time improves employee experience and their overall commitment.

An ideal performance management software in Maldives

Ranked as the Global Best in the San Francisco Codie Awards 2019, peopleHum, comes with an effective performance management system. We are adorned with a range of features, specially suited to cater the needs of your review cycles, performance appraisals, 1-on-1 meetings, and more. An agile platform that enables you to shift your priorities clearly, focus on new development areas and build a work environment of growth and resilience.

Leverage the power of technology to enhance the way you set measures for your employee performance management. Benefit from the easy-integration and cost-effective nature of the system.

Register with us, or book a seat at our free demo to see what the global best performance management system in Maldives has to offer you.

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