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Quality quarantine time!
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Quality quarantine time!

Sneha Moorthy
June 16, 2022
Quarantine Quarantine everywhere, social distancing is one thing for you to care!!

That's a one-liner I made up, all thanks to this time of quarantine, which gives me enough time to make up random one-liners.

How to have a quality quarantine?

The world has seen a huge work culture shift within a short period. None of us expected the world to stop its rush. Wall Street is vacant, and the streams and rivers of Venice are empty. But is this clearly a time of panic? Is it necessary that everything around you should come to a halt? 

Let’s put it another way. There’s a pandemic that’s spreading globally. Is it one situation of panic, or is it an actual wake up call, to focus on ourselves, and make the most out of the situations we are put in? 

I have been working from home for the past week, and I am having a realization that it is more productive and more effective. I even think it’s a fact that all of us have to come to terms with it. Just give this a thought. How comfortable is it to meet your deadlines with no restrictions of staying in your office until midnight and coming home stressed? Rather, jump in your PJs, grab some snacks, rest yourself on your couch, and don’t be worried about staying up late at your workplace!

Quality quarantine time! | peopleHum

Create your workspace, YOUR OWN WORKSPACE! You can sit in your favorite corner at home, play your favorite song and work with all focus with no disturbance. Keep calm and chill, while you work. Wait, you can even work from your balcony, as I do now, if you feel like you need that dose of creativity mother nature provides.

This is exactly what we mean when we say quality quarantine time!  This is clearly the best time to embrace the remote work culture and try out different ways to achieve maximum productivity.

There is already a lot of negativity around. Let us concentrate more on the bright side of this situation or the period of quality quarantine explained as “A disaster which is a divine Intervention in disguise” I truly believe it is just a wake-up call. Hang in there world, we will have crowded malls and restaurants with two hours of waiting time soon. Just hang in there. 

“The future of work is remote working.” We’ve all heard this multiple times. It was estimated that over 255 million people will be working remotely in 2030. However, we already have the same amount and more now. This tangent to the work culture was expected in the near future. However, we have a chance to explore possibilities now.

I have noticed that remote working actually enhances communication and socializing. 

We reach out to our teammates more often, we are not moving from desk to desk, we are calling them. We are having daily sessions with our leader. Our day starts and ends with a team huddle. We don’t hide our faces. We switch on the cameras and talk to each other. We have proved that remote working does not hinder communication.

Guess what, we even have a new teammate who just joined us! She joined remotely and her laptop was delivered. We are all working together, and training the new member of our team, remotely! When I say this is the start of a whole new revelation for organizations, it is undeniably true. Not that it was unknown, but the fact that possibilities are endless, is more evident now. 

Quality quarantine time! | peopleHum
our Covengers giving it their best while working from home!

Now let me explain a few results that can be expected from implementing the WFH scheme to all employees. There are double productivity and half the cost. Sounds good, yeah? Remote working gives you the experience of higher retention and lower turnover. You have your reasons to be happy now. Let’s look at this as a “half glass full” opportunity.

Now, let’s stay positive and hang in there. Let’s take care of each other and stay indoors. Let’s isolate ourselves and wash our hands. Let’s stay together and be obedient to the instructions medical officials are giving us. Let’s flatten the curve, together, we will survive!

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Quality quarantine time!

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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