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Remote workforce management tool : Huddle
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Remote workforce management tool : Huddle

Anushka Rajesh
December 15, 2022

Work from home may be convenient for employees, but it surely isn’t as easy as it sounds for leaders. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the challenges that a leader could face with remote working? How can he/she ensure if an employee is being productive? Would there be a dip in collaboration due to the physical distance? It is crazy to imagine an entire shift from constant monitoring of employees in brick and mortar settings by leaders to a complete absence of it with telecommuting! Worry no more because peopleHum is now here to bridge the gap between the two. Ain’t no distance between you, your work, and your co-workers thanks to the brand-new remote workforce management feature of ‘Huddle’!

Remote workforce management tool : Huddle | peopleHum

Why the need for Huddle in remote workforce management?

The conception of Huddle birthed with an aim to better adapt with life in the ‘New Normal’. Ensuring better transparency and trust with technology is an epitome of how digitalization can be put to use to accentuate the humanness in the workforce. By upholding qualities that make us human, peopleHum has successfully been able to maintain a fine balance between man and machine in the age of remote team management.

What is Huddle?

Huddle is a module on peopleHum, which permits daily logging in for updating, viewing and following up on one’s and others’ tasks and activities for the day via the concept of Check In. Working across the levels of different teams and the entire organization, Huddle bridges the gaps caused with remote working. This virtual collaboration platform that is crafted in great detail has several functions for each one’s unique tasks and tastes. Let’s get started on what the hype on Huddle is all about!

This online platform organizes each employee’s tasks and to-do’s in a board-format permitting a one-view look for every other person in the team on what a particular employee is working on, where in the process are they at the moment, if they are facing any difficulties, who is having a more productive week… and so much more! This would ensure better remote team management and co-ordination in achieving a particular individual or collective goal. You could also know what different units in your organization like marketing, technology, sales, etc. are working on with the calendar view and filtering of the tasks. Looking at reports also gets done in a jiffy with Huddle. Besides updating your daily progress, don’t forget to look at the team’s development on the allocated activity in Huddle. What are you waiting for? It’s time to huddle up!

What’s so special about Huddle?

Another aspect of Huddle that really sets it apart from every other software is the Sentiment Tracking tool that is trained to get the pulse of the organization in a consistent way. With an array of emoticons to choose from that depicts your mood everyday, your employees would be better able to communicate why their workday was at its best or worst with others. By statistically tabulating each day’s employee mood data, your organization would now be able to accommodate to your current mood. Annoyed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Don’t stress! You’re not alone. There are many in your own company, who are feeling the exact same way you are today. Let’s connect and make each other better!

There’s no doubt that peopleHum’s Huddle is an absolute game-changer for handling distributed teams and a lifesaver for organizational management in trying times. We also have a fix for your troubles with remote working. Should you be stuck in any process, all you need to do is hit the ‘Blocked’ button for others to come to your aid. Can it get any better? Seems like help in the form of a team mate or a superior arrives with Huddle faster than it would in person! 

Is there anything more to remote workforce management?

Every time you feel it’s challenging for you to get clarity on your team’s work, switch to Huddle for the instant update. Get started, wherever you are. Witness how your team stays connected with organized humanity as you restore your sanity! 

Overburdened with too many tasks at hand? This virtual task manager for remote workforce management eases you out there too. Check-in several times during the day, complete your to-do’s, seek assistance or let others know your current mood. Hit several targets with one arrow only with Huddl

Huddle is the one-stop solution for managing employees during remote times in several domains and on various levels. It is every manager’s fantasy and every employee’s hope to make work easier with tools available in a single frame. This desire finally comes true now with peopleHum’s unique feature of Huddle. Huddle is a mélange of efficient employee management, engagement and nurturing. Don’t wait no more. If it’s remote workforce management, its Huddle or nothing!

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Remote workforce management tool : Huddle

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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