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Employee Centricity
Riding The Wave
Aishwarya Jain
August 10, 2020

Life has changed for me. The world around me has surely changed due to COVID but more than that my personal life has changed. A positive change in my life has come about and it’s really due to one thing that keeps me sane at all times and especially right now - my work, my team, my leader, my organization.

I work at peopleHum and my work is my purpose. And without peopleHum, I would not have kept sanity at this point in time. And here is career's journey of riding the wave at peopleHum.

While the world is reeling in layoffs, pay cuts, furloughs, and many such heartbreaks - my organization gives me safety, security, excitement, and most importantly cares about my mental well being.

We arrange Friday break-out sessions to chill and have fun, play games, and share our feelings. Our open culture makes it so much easier to deal with these crazy times. 

Riding The Wave At Coviam

I am so proud to say that I have never had my salary deposited late even by a single day, even in the most unreasonable times like these. I have never had to complain about boredom because our leaders and peers keep work so exciting that there is never a dull moment even during these tough times.

I get to talk to the best minds in my space around the world at such a young age, it’s surreal. My friends tell me they’re bored at home and don’t have anything meaningful to do and I count my blessings that I don’t deal with a dark future.    

While revenues are going down the drain for most companies, peopleHum continues to make profits and get big logos under its belt even in turmoil and I am so proud to be part of peopleHum . The best part? We’re still hiring! This truly is a testament to how strong we are as an organization and we’re well - equipped to face any storms that come our way.

Are you worried about your future? If you are passionate about making a difference and are a committed individual, no constraints - think of peopleHum !

Send in your resume to talent@peopleHum .com, we’re excited to know more about you. 

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