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Tips to keep in mind while hiring Gen Z | peopleHum
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Tips to keep in mind while hiring Gen Z

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Anagha Vallikat
August 31, 2021
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Millennials have been the buzzword of every organization for quite some time now. Now, the focus has shifted to Gen Z. There is a misconception that millennials and Gen Z are the same, but they are not. In a survey conducted by Randstad, it was found that while 46 percent of millennials would prefer to work in a corporate environment, only 16 percent of Gen Z would choose a corporate environment. An organization must keep a lot of things in mind while hiring Gen Z.

Let us start with the basics.  Who are Gen Z? Generation Z is the group of people born after the millennials. Generation Z, also referred to as Digital Natives, Gen Wii and the iGeneration – is the batch that comes after Generation Y. Where the latter were born somewhere between the early 80s and the mid to late 90s, Generation Z starts around 1996 till 2012. They are currently between the age of four and twenty-four.

Now, let us throw light on the most important aspect:

What should you keep in mind while hiring Gen Z?

Here are some expert tips on how you can start getting ready now for Generation Z in the workplace:

1. Let loose and start experimenting

It is quite possible that Gen Z will be interning or are working at entry-level positions. There might be a few who have made it up high. But that's not our focus here, how can organizations attract these digital natives? What should they keep in mind while hiring them? Advancement in technology has made it easy to personalize. Organizations. can leverage this to their advantage. Communicate what your organization can offer to older workers and younger workers, and then target them strategically.

Instagram is where most of the Digital natives dwell. Organizations can’t change their recruitment strategy overnight, and there will be so much testing involved, but it is always better to be ready. Start using social media to push out messages and information that can get the young blood to your organization. It makes sense to start now so that you’re more prepared than your competitors.

Tips to keep in mind while hiring Gen Z | peopleHum

This is an Instagram post that I had come across, where the organization is looking for an intern. It is highly likely to capture the attention of Gen Z and also lead them to the hiring process.

2. Speak their tech-savvy language

Generation Z is unique in their own ways. They are the ones who were born into a completely digital world. Their brains are wired in such a way that they look out for so much information in a small amount of time. They are instant. The world is growing at a rapid pace and organizations will need more employees to fill the skill gaps. Hiring Gen Z is the best way as they are tech-savvy and are of the decade. You cannot speak caterpillar to them and expect them to understand because they are already butterflies.

For Gen Z, a positive work environment is one that offers creativity, personal growth, and social connection. They need space to be creative and to connect.

Generation Z is looking for a connection to the workplace. They are not impressed with meeting “Bob” from accounting who has been with the company for 20 years, as the majority of Generation Z cannot relate to this concept of staying with one company for so long. A more progressive-thinking work environment with the ability to have a work/life balance is what they want. Generation Z wants to start their work career, but is not ready to give up their personal life or beliefs in order to do that. Look at this Instagram post inviting application for a vacancy. They are putting across their organizational culture, which is happy-go-lucky and open. This is the way to connect with Gen.

3. The interview

It would be advisable for the employers to have other Generation Z employees as part of the interview so the Generation Z candidate will have someone they can relate to during this interview process, which will help make them more comfortable with the idea of employment at the company. Internships or co-op program will attract Generation Z candidates to your workplace as these programs do no demand commitment for a long period of time. It is always great to give them a hang of your environment so that they know what they are getting into.

Gen Z is an independent generation. They have always been curious and have gotten their answers from google and have grown up with DIY videos. So it is only understandable that they have their own ways.  As a result, Gen Z will differentiate from other generations by seeking entrepreneurship, independence, and purpose when looking for employers.  

Flexible work schedules, work from homes, open culture, virtual teams, etc are some of the things that Gen Z will look for at their workplace. It will play in your favor if you highlight and offer these points while hiring Gen Z. In addition, this sense of independence will cause Gen Z to look for organizations that give them the chance to voice their opinions and the chance to move up the ladder quickly.

4. Understand and adapt to their short attention span

Nobody likes to wait in long queues anymore or have never liked it for that matter. With the rapid advancement in technology, queues have become a thing of the past. Be it in banks, theatres or more. You name it, it's available online. Gen Z has grown up in this culture. They lose their patience when a webpage takes time to load. This has lead to their short attention span.

While hiring Gen Z employees, it’s important to be aware of their relatively short attention span. Not just in terms of the mobile application process, of course, that is an important aspect to be kept in mind, but also when it comes to:

•  The messages you’re sharing about your company culture on social media, as well as the platform you’re using to do so. Gen Z is very video orientated so think about how you can make this work for you. Create Instagram stories in video format, try them before making them live, ensure that their loading time is not much and just be prepared. Think by putting yourself in their shoes.

•  Inform and Engage! It is always important to keep your candidates informed and engaged. This is not just applicable to GenZ but to candidates belonging to all generations but especially when it comes to Gen Z, keep in mind that they have plenty of options. Message, IM, DM, do whatever it takes and keep them informed about the developments.

• Adapt your onboarding process. Mounds of paperwork and heaps of document spells disinterest to GenZ. Deliver the information that is mandatory and unavoidable and as we discussed, make it interactive and try different formats like video or even memes.

5. Tailor-made/ customised

Gen Z prefers roles that are fit for them. They don't want to get into a job and like it, with difficulty, they would rather take up a job that they love doing. They want jobs that fit them and not the other way round.

Wrapping up

In addition to all these tips to keep in mind while hiring GenZ, it is important to keep true to your business and the offers that you make to ace employee retention. It is not just enough to ace hiring. How do you ensure that the people that you have hired stay true and stay put? By delivering what you have offered and by having an exemplary company culture.

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all