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Top 50 HR leaders to follow in 2024
List of Leaders

Top 50 HR leaders to follow in 2024

Pearl Remedios
May 21, 2024

The sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you create." — Mahatma Gandhi

Creating leaders for tomorrow starts with setting a powerful example today. The role of an HR leader is to go beyond managing people. This involves inspiring them through actions and decisions. By embodying the values of integrity, empathy, and innovation, you can influence and mentor the next generation of leaders. Leading by example means consistently demonstrating the qualities you want others to reflect through a culture of trust and continuous learning. 

Let your daily interactions and strategic initiatives bear the power to shape future leaders who will drive organizational success and positive change.

Top 50 HR leaders setting the benchmark in 2024:

Here are the top 50 HR leaders that are setting high benchmarks for innovation and outstanding initiatives in 2024:

Amit Sahoo

Amit Sahoo is a seasoned HR leader with over 19 years of experience in IT/ITES. Amit is known for his expertise in strategic business partnering and organizational development, spanning across multiple countries. He's recognized for transforming companies into top employment destinations, with accolades from The Economic Times and Forbes India.

Punit Puri

Punit Puri is a seasoned leader with 20 years of experience, including a significant tenure at McKinsey. Punit's journey includes growing a startup from just 10 members to a team of 800, showcasing his knack for nurturing talent. With expertise in strategic thinking and global project management, he's adept at developing learning interventions and competency matrices.

Harjeet Khanduja

Harjeet Khanduja is the SVP of HR at Reliance Jio, renowned for his innovative approach and impactful contributions. With a blend of academic excellence and practical wisdom, Harjeet is recognized as a leading voice in HR and a prolific author and speaker.

Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich is a leading figure in HR, talent, and leadership, hailed as the top management guru by Business Week. With his wealth of knowledge, including 30 books and over 200 articles, Dave has shaped modern HR practices and organizational development. As a sought-after speaker and respected professor, he continues to influence and inspire leaders worldwide.

Sana Mukhtar

Sana Mukhtar is an experienced HR professional based in Lahore, Pakistan. Known for her expertise in recruiting and HR consulting, she's also an influential voice on LinkedIn. With a talent for fostering excellence, Sana's clear communication and proactive approach make her a valuable addition to any team.

Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas is a top HR leader who shapes global HR teams and coaches CEOs and CHROs. Recognized among the Top 50 HR Leaders Shaping the Future of Work, he shares insights as Executive Faculty at Howard University Business School and Chief Learning Officer at Business Intelligence Board. With certifications as a Master Human Capital Strategist, Ron's leadership development insights are widely sought after.

Mona Tyagi

Mona Tyagi, founder of HR Director-Empowers Corp., has over 12 years of vibrant HR and talent acquisition experience across IT and overseas sectors. With a focus on staffing and outsourcing across UAE, India, GCC, and Europe, Mona is your go-to expert for recruiting business development and consulting professionals worldwide.

Amira Cheghoum

Amira Chelghoum, LinkedIn Top Voice and Talent Acquisition Lead at Biogen Dubai, brings a decade of global HR leadership. Specializing in Healthcare and Oil & Gas, she's your go-to for diverse, data-driven talent strategies. Passionate about inclusion, Amira excels in relationship-building for a thriving workplace.

Dr. Nadia Bastaki

Dr. Nadia Bastaki is the Chief Human Resources and Asset Management at Etihad Aviation Group. She drives organizational excellence through optimized human capital and asset management strategies, fostering innovation and growth.

Rola Fattal

Rola Fattal is the Sr. Director and Head of HR at Almosafer Group, overseeing HR operations for Almosafer, Discover Saudi, and Mawasim across six countries. With 12+ years of regional HR expertise, she specializes in organizations with strong digital strategies, driving talent management and digital transformation.

Emmanuel Michael

Emmanuel Michael, leading People & Culture at Letshego Nigeria, boasts of over two decades of HR expertise. Globally recognized, he's your go-to for leadership insights and career development tips through #HRwithEM®. 

Ifeadi Anigbogu

Ifeadi Anigbogu, an experienced HR and tech leader with over twelve years of expertise. Through CareerBanters With Ifeadi, she is dedicated to coaching professionals toward their career goals. With a knack for building diverse tech teams, Ifeadi is your go-to consultant in HR and tech.

Yemi Faseun

Meet Yemi Faseun is a seasoned Leadership and HR Consultant with over 30 years of diverse experience. His passion for creating great workplaces and fostering leadership development through The YF Network and The YF Academy makes him globally recognized. As a Top 501 Global HR Leader, Yemi offers executive mentoring to empower leaders.

Rita Babalola

Rita Babalola, Lead Consultant and co-founder, has over a decade of HR and talent acquisition experience. She excels in resume writing, career coaching and recruitment. Recognized as a Top HR Voice, Rita helps individuals and organizations achieve their career and hiring goals.

Victor Ogunleye

Victor Ogunleye is a versatile HR Business Partner specializing in team building, HR effectiveness, and employee engagement. He also volunteers as a communicator for the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship and as a fundraiser for the 3lovesu family.

Sahil Nayar

Sahil Nayar, Senior Associate Director of HR at KPMG India, is a TEDx Speaker and Top Leadership Development Voice. Known as "The #HRBytes Guy," he excels in employer branding, performance management, and talent development. Sahil is also certified in NLP, MBTI, and Design Thinking.

Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify Talent, is a change agent and HR community leader. He hosts the "Redefining Work" podcast and authored the bestselling book by the same name. As a LinkedIn Top Voice and Fast Company contributor, Lars connects and inspires global HR leaders.

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin, a Global Industry Analyst and LinkedIn Top Voice, covers HR, leadership, L&D, recruiting and HR tech. Founder of Bersin by Deloitte and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy, he advises HR teams globally to enhance work life.

Steve Browne

Steve Browne, Chief People Officer at LaRosa's, Inc., and SHRM-SCP, is renowned for "HR on Purpose." With his prolific experience in the HR space and expertise in employee relations, networking and company culture, he significantly enriches the HR space through live seminars and events.

Laszlo Bock

Laszlo Bock, former Google SVP of People Operations and NYT bestselling author of "Work Rules!", co-founded Humu and As a 3x founder and LinkedIn Top Voice, he champions workplace innovation and philanthropy.

Annie Lim

Annie Lim, Head of HR at Lonza Biologics, has over 25 years of experience in pharma, biotech and healthcare. She excels in strategic talent management and organizational development, partnering with global leaders and earning accolades for her work in diversity and inclusion.

Darwin Rivers

Darwin River is a Global HR Leader with over 20 years of experience transforming HR operations and driving business growth. An award-winning strategist and Top HR influencer, he excels in building high-performing teams and fostering employee engagement worldwide.

Irvandi Ferizal 

Irvandi Ferizal is a celebrated HR leader with awards like the HC Director Lifetime Achievement Award and the Dave Ulrich Award for Excellence in HR Leadership. Recognized as CHRO of the Year and one of the 101 Global HR Heroes, his contributions have earned him honors from Indonesia Human Capital and the Asia HRD Congress. 

Luke Speers

Luke Speers, APAC Chief People Officer at Dentsu, oversees HR strategy for 12,000+ employees focusing on diversity, inclusion and safety. His strong background in digital, technology and finance,makes him dedicated to building high-performing teams.

Rachel Tschannen

Rachel Tschannen, EVP and Chief People Officer at Porter Airlines Inc., has 20+ years of HR experience in Canada and the US. She excels in people and change management, talent development, and organizational design, driving growth in leading companies.

Lawrence Hughes

Rachel Lawrence Hughes, EVP and Chief People Officer at Porter Airlines Inc., has over 20 years of HR experience in Canada and the US. She excels in people management, talent development and organizational design driving growth in top companies.

Lana Burton 

Lana Burton, a Global Talent Acquisition Director and HR strategist, is an innovative leader passionate about driving change and acquiring top talent. With strong entrepreneurial drive, Lana excels in implementing innovative solutions for talent sourcing and assessment. 

Jennifer Bouyoukos

Jenn Bouyoukos, esteemed CHRO and Top 50 Women Leader, boasts 25+ years shaping HR strategies for media, tech, and financial sectors. Recognized globally for M&A expertise and HR tech innovation, she's a Prosci-certified Change Manager and angel investor, driving HR's future through various initiatives.

Amelie Duclos

Amelie Duclos, a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience excels in strategic staffing and talent management. As a bilingual leader, she led national initiatives at McDonald's, earning recognition for her exceptional performance and CRHA, CHRP credentials.

Augustina Samara

Agustina Samara, with 28 years of experience in customer service, operations and HR, leads Human Capital, Corporate Communication, and Government Relations. Certified in GNIK HR, CPHR, and as an international trainer, she's a seasoned executive and speaker committed to shaping Indonesia's future.

Asep Susilo

Asep Susilo, leading People & Culture and Corporate Affairs at Suntory Garuda Beverage brings rich expertise to her role. Dedicated to nurturing culture and driving corporate affairs, Asep aims for vibrant and inclusive workplaces everytime.

Dudi Arisandi

Dudi Arisandi, Chief People Officer at, brings over 20 years of HR expertise, celebrated as an HR Asia Award Winner. Leading HR at Indonesia's top online travel platform, he focuses on empowering employees and transforming the organization, making a sought-after employer in Asia. 

Kulshaan Singh

Kulshaan Singh, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Thai Union Group PCL, is a seasoned professional with expertise in management, consulting, HR, and academics. He leads HR initiatives to drive organizational excellence and innovation in the global seafood industry.

Agapol Na Songkhla

Agapol Na Songkhla, Chief People Officer at Thai Beverage PLC and former management consultant, holds a Ph.D. in Systems Science. With extensive expertise in strategic HR leadership, he drives organizational growth and transformation at Thai Beverage.

Intan Shahira Mohd Shahru

Intan Shahira Mohd Shahru, as the Chief People Officer at Capital A, focuses on aviation. With a background in HR leadership, she's passionate about shaping organizational culture and driving growth in the aviation industry.

Esmond Lama

Esmond Lama is the Vice President of HR for Southeast Asia, covering Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. With extensive experience in human resources, he excels in strategic talent management and fostering organizational growth across diverse markets.

Sukhveer Singh Ajay

Sukhveer Singh Ajay, Director of People, Culture & IT at foodpanda, is a top HR leader in Southeast Asia. He specializes in building diverse and innovative workplaces across Asia-Pacific. 

Michele Sagan

Michele Sagan, a dynamic leader with 25 years of experience, excels in leadership development, human capital strategy, and the future of work. Recognized as a Movers and Shakers Award recipient, she's a keynote speaker and board-ready candidate, known for driving business growth and transformation.

Arijit Roy

Arijit Roy is an HR leader at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Philippines. Recognized in HRIcons2024, he's known for his impactful seasoned HR leadership. Arijit specializes in talent management and employee engagement, driving success in business strategies.

Danreb Oira

Danreb Oira brings 24 years of HR experience from top companies like PLDT and Amazon. He's passionate about diversity and is certified in executive coaching. He's here to make HR strategies more inclusive and people-focused.

Nonoy Nuyles

Nonoy Nuyles, leading HR at HSBC Philippines, brings 20+ years of experience. Renowned for boosting diversity and fostering growth, he's admired for his strategic approach and industry insight, embodying integrity and thoughtfulness in his work.

David Frost

David Frost leads talent acquisition at Argentex, driven by a passion for finding and nurturing top talent. His leadership ensures that Argentex continues to excel in recruitment, shaping high-performing teams and fostering excellence.

Estelle Hollingsworth 

Estelle Hollingsworth, as Chief People Officer at Virgin Atlantic, focuses on supporting and engaging employees. With her expertise, she cultivates a culture that values people, fostering innovation and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham, Director of the Strategic HR Academy, specializes in modernizing HR strategies for business success and societal impact. With expertise in strategic HR and organization design, Jon guides teams to enhance their practices and capabilities. As an author and speaker, he advocates for innovative, people-centered approaches, reshaping organizations for the future.

Lillian Ngala

Lillian Ngala is the HR Director at Diamond Trust Bank, Kenya. With over 15 years of HR leadership, she is recognized as a Top 20 Disruptive People Leader and Top 50 HR Leader in Africa. Beyond her role, Lillian is the founder of the Lillian Ngala Foundation, dedicated to empowering leaders and fostering a compassionate workplace culture.

Catherine Olaka

Catherine Olaka, Chief Human Resources Officer, has over 20 years of expertise in strategic management, HR transformation, and talent acquisition. She excels in leadership and organizational development within ICT and financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. Catherine has successfully led major HR integrations and regional talent initiatives.

Matlhogonolo Letsopa Mponang

Matlhogonolo Letsopa Mponang, Group Executive HR at Debswana, excels in organizational development, strategy implementation, and efficiency enhancement. She is a seasoned professional whose expertise spans across safety, health, environment, marketing, IT, and leadership best practices.

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis, Head of People and Culture at Connetics, is a visionary HR leader recognized with the 2024 HRNZ Leadership Award and HRD NZ HR Director of the Year accolades. His innovative approach has transformed organizations, driving talent acquisition, engagement, and performance, earning him a spot on the HRD Hotlist from 2021 to 2024.

Christiane Bisanzio

Christiane Bisanzio, a People & Culture Leader and Lawyer, ranked among The Economist's Top 50 D&I Leaders since 2013. With NED roles in Financial Services and expertise in workforce planning, compensation, and recruiting, she pioneers innovative strategies in D&I, talent management, and leadership training. Known for her impactful employee engagement initiatives and global D&I strategies, she's a thought leader and public speaker shaping the future of HR.

Clodagh Logue

Clodagh Logue is a Human Resources Leader with extensive experience in the technology, engineering, and consumer electronics industries. Specializing in organizational change, employee relations, and performance management, she excels in internal communications and change project management. Clodagh is also skilled in coaching and management development, driving impactful HR initiatives across diverse sectors.

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Top 50 HR leaders to follow in 2024

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