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Top 5 HR Management Software in Nigeria in 2021
Nirvi B
October 14, 2021

A result-driven organisation is much similar to a well oiled machinery. Different departments work together to make it progress and fulfil its role, which ultimately drives business profit. Human Resources' Department is a cog in this machine, experiencing the most pressure.

One of the best ways to ensure its smooth run is the automation of manual, time-consuming HR functions.

An ideal HR software assists in the driving every aspect of your HR department. From automating recruitment to performance management, a comprehensive set of roles is played by HCM software solutions.

As an effort to aid organisations in selecting a well-suited HR software, here's our handpicked version of the top HR softwares in Nigeria you should be considering.

Top HR management software in Nigeria 2021

1. peopleHum

Who they are:

The winner of the San Fransisco Global Codie Awards 2019 - peopleHum, is a one-view integrated HR software solution. With its people-centric approach, the platform minimises the concerns of its customers to better prepare your company for the future of work.

Basic features:

Hire: The recruitment module automates sourcing, screening and selecting the best job applicant with an AI driven application tracking system (ATS)

Perform: The perform module takes a closer look at customised & ready-to-use feedback templates, automated review cycles, and a 360-degree feedback system.

Manage: Workforce management gets you equipped with automated attendance tracking, leave management and employee surveys.

Engage: The platform allows you to broadcast company announcements, create insightful employee surveys, where employee can ideate and voice their grievances or concerns.

Further, there are add-ons like HR chatbot, remote workforce management tool, e-Signature, OKRs and learning management system.

2. Seamless HR

Who they are:

Seamless HR is a Lagos-based startup that helps medium to large-sized companies automate and optimise their HR process. With a list of clients in Nigeria and Ghana, such as Coronation Bank, Lagos Business School, NIBSS and more, the platform is looking forward to widen their reach in other African countries. It was established in 2013 by Dr Emmanuel Okeleji and Deji Lana, first starting off as a job aggregate at several locations, with an employer-to-job recruitment manager system.

Basic features:

3. Systemspecs

Who they are:

Based in Victoria Island, Nigeria, SystemSpecs was founded in 1992 by John Obaro. HumanManager, payroll and the goal management package are some of the features first developed by the indigenous company. It is the pioneer of the African software industry with almost 30 years of robust solutions to business organisations – small, medium and large, and federal, in Nigeria and in Africa.

Basic features:

  • Payroll
  • Leave management
  • Performance management
  • Employee self-service

4. Accur8HR

Who they are:

Accur8HR is a cloud-based people management solution, built into a Microsoft Azure system that addresses today's business challenges. It is a one-stop human capital solutions partner for Nigerian organisations owned by OnePyramid Consulting Limited. The platform is tailored to Nigerian market specific requirements. It offers a combination of unique and economical technology products and services which enable Nigerian companies to achieve their business goals.

Basic features:


Who they are:

Abbreviated as Time and Management System, Tams is primarily an intelligent attendance tracking solution. It is a biometric cloud-based solution with an array of human resources management services. The system accommodates almost any form of employee benefits. It is a completely integrated attendance tracking equips you to better plan with more exact data, helps users to experience the software smoothly and easily and helps you manage your workforce easily.

Basic features:

  • Payroll
  • Leave management
  • Attendance management
  • Appraisals

Want to know more about the use of new-age HR tools in Nigeria? Here's a blog curated by peopleHum on the 11 Gbamsolute HR trends in Nigeria

Ending on a high note:

With the availability of plenty of HR systems around you, the struggle lies in choosing the one that best suits your organisation's needs. Build a strategy around evaluating the right HR tools for your business. Start by defining the biggest challenges of your organisation and how automation can resolve them.

After you take a close look at your needs, look out for an alignment with the services of an effective HR software in Nigeria. Demos are usually the  most convenient way of understanding the modules and functioning of an HR software solution.

To know how peopleHum leverages the power of new-age technology, schedule a free demo of your platform. Win great insights on what we have to offer you. For any queries, reach out to us.

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