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Retail HR Manager
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We are looking for a Retail HR Manager to oversee our store's HR and recruiting procedures, which include everything from attracting and hiring candidates to evaluating and motivating employees.

Retail HR Manager responsibilities include creating effective job ads for job boards and social media, establishing performance evaluation programmes, and tracking key metrics. We'd like to contact you if you've worked in a senior HR role and are familiar with labour laws that apply to retail employees.

Finally, you will be responsible for attracting, hiring, and retaining qualified employees for our store.

Retail HR Manager
  • Estimate hiring requirements, especially during peak seasons.
  • Create and post job advertisements to attract qualified candidates for junior and senior positions in-store.
  • Calculate and report on employee turnover rates (monthly, quarterly and annually)
  • To onboard and train new hires
  • Monitor key recruiting metrics such as cost-per-hire and source of hire.
  • Overtime, flexible schedules, and seasonal employment should all be taken into account when managing payroll.
  • Collaborate with college career centres to inform graduates about internships and junior positions.
  • Use social media to promote our company culture and establish a strong employer brand.
  • Maintain physical and digital employee records
Retail HR Manager
  • Experience as a Human Resources Manager, preferably in the retail industry
  • Hands-on experience sourcing and evaluating candidates at various levels of seniority
  • Excellent knowledge of labour laws, including regulations governing flexible work arrangements.
  • An understanding of payroll systems and HR databases
  • Outstanding communication and problem-solving abilities
  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Organizational Psychology, or a related field

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