Background Check

What is Background Check?

Foundation checking is verifying the data provided to a potential business by a vocation candidate in their resume, application, meetings, and references. In other words, background check is a verification procedure carried forward by an organisation to conclude if the individual is who they guarantee to be, and may include checking an individual's criminal record, training, work history, and different exercises that occurred in the past, so as to affirm their legitimacy. In most application forms, lying about their experience and accreditations will shield the business from enlisting the applicant.

Background checks are frequently mentioned by businesses on work contender for work screening, particularly on applicants looking for a place that requires high security or a place of trust, for example, in a school, town hall, medical clinic, monetary foundation, air terminal, and government. These checks are generally managed by an administration office for an ostensible expense, yet can likewise be controlled by private companies. The goal of historical verifications is to guarantee the wellbeing and security of the workers in the association. The demonstration of assessing both private and open data to research an individual or substance's history. Record verifications are usually performed by bosses to guarantee that: 

(1) a worker is who the person in question says they are, 

(2) to confirm that the individual doesn't have a harming history, (for example, crime) that may ponder ineffectively the organization, 

(3) to affirm data that a candidate remembered for their application for business. Broad individual verifications can be very costly essentially due to the time and exertion important to investigate each thing in an individual or substance's history.

What Background Checks Do Employers Do?

Employers conduct various background checks to ensure they hire qualified and trustworthy candidates. Here are the common checks performed:

1. Educational Verification: Employers confirm degrees and academic credentials with the issuing institutions. Candidates may need to provide previous names used and graduation dates.

2. Employment Verification: This includes confirming past employment details like position, duration, salary, and job performance, typically through HR departments or tax records.

3. Reference Checks: Employers may contact former bosses, colleagues, and personal references to discuss the candidate's work history and performance. This does not require the candidate's permission if the information provided is truthful.

4. Drug Screens and Physical Exams: Some jobs require drug tests and physical exams, especially if the role demands certain physical capabilities or the work environment mandates such checks.

5. Skills and Knowledge Testing: Depending on the job, employers may require candidates to complete tests or tasks that demonstrate their skills, such as writing sample emails for customer service roles or creating presentations for managerial positions.

6. Online Searches: Recruiters might perform internet searches to verify claims about job history, achievements, and more. This is often done before interviews and may influence hiring decisions.

7. Criminal Background Checks: Employers check for convictions, not arrests, as per EEOC guidelines. Only convictions relevant to the job can influence hiring decisions.

8. Credit Checks: For positions involving security or financial responsibilities, credit checks are conducted, requiring the candidate's consent. The EEOC advises caution in using credit scores to avoid discrimination.

Types of Background Checks

1. Employment Background Checks:

   - Verify employment history, education, credit, driving, and criminal records.

   - Requires candidate’s consent and typically covers the past 7-10 years.

   - Essential for ensuring a safe and secure workplace.

2. Criminal Background Checks:

   - Checks for major crimes like violent offenses, fraud, and felonies.

   - Used by employers to ensure safety and by agencies for various approvals (e.g., adoption, military).

3. Universal Background Checks:

   - Required for firearm purchases from licensed dealers.

   - Checks against the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

   - Not mandatory for private sales in many states.

4. OIG Background Checks:

   - Required for healthcare-related employment.

   - Checks the Office of Inspector General’s list of excluded individuals and entities.

   - Prevents hiring individuals barred from federally funded healthcare programs.

  - For a more streamlined compliant process, consider using specialized services like OIG Check.

5. Personal Background Checks:

   - Allows individuals to see what employers might find.

   - Includes checks for criminal records, credit reports, and employment history.

   - Useful for correcting errors before job applications.

6. Professional License Background Checks:

   - Verifies the validity of professional licenses.

   - Ensures the candidate holds a current, good-standing license without restrictions.

   - Critical for industries like financial services, education, and construction.

 Benefits of Background Checks

   - Improve trust and safety in the workplace.

   - Help employers make informed hiring decisions.

   - Ensure compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements.

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