Cascading goals

What are Cascading goals?

Cascading goals are a hierarchical framework of structuring organizational goals.These strategic  goals are set at the highest or executive level, and then cascade down to the rest of the organization, to help guide team and individual goals. Every level in the company should set goals that align with the level above them, creating an overall aligned organization.

Cascading goals are important for the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation and ever employee within it. 

cascading goals

How to get started with Cascading goals?

Cascading goals need to be clear and strategic from the top and then carefully implemented across the organization.

1. Establish strategic and measurable goals at the executive level

The executive team should commit to strategic and measurable goals. They need to commit to owning and driving the process. If they are not completely on board or dedicated to holding everyone, including themselves, accountable, the process is likely to fail. 

The executive team also needs to define the measurement of these organizational goals and ensure that teams and employees interpret the goal in the same way. Top-level goals should be specific, inspiring, and shouldn’t be complex, so as to avoid miscommunication and process breakdowns. 

2. Plan a process for running Cascading goals

Once organizational goals are set, they need to be clearly communicated to every team, manager, and employee to enable them to set their own goals. The goals created should be relevant and measurable, and managers should ensure that employees stay on track. 

Coordinating an effort like this requires constant communication, not just from the top down, but also from the bottom up. There should be a 360-degree feedback loop to make sure that everyone’s informed and allows teams or mangers to fix any signs of misalignment. 

3. Establish checks

In order for Cascading goals to be properly established, it is important to establish checks. Goal-setting may take a little time and fine-tuning. In that case, there should be a process I place to help employees, the managers, and the HR team, to reevaluate priorities and measurement and course-correct going forward. 

4. Set up an incentive program that reinforces the goals

Adjust pay and incentive structures according to the new set of Cascading goals. Employees will direct their behaviour based in what they’r being rewarded to do. If an organization is creating new goals, the pay an incentive system should be shifted to align to and reinforce those goals. Frequent check-ins will also help employees stay on track. 

In addition, the HR team should reevaluate their processes and programs every new goals cycle to ensure goal optimisation. 

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