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Who is an Employee?

An employee is an individual who was hired by an employer to do a specific job. The employee is hired by the employer after an application and interview process results in his or her selection as an employee. This selection occurs after the applicant is found by the employer to be the most qualified of their applicants to do the job for which they are hiring.

This is perpetually a risk that the leader takes as a result of they have to use people that will do the work needed to perform a specific job. you'll solely learn with great care a lot in associate interview and choice method. the remainder you learn when the worker starts the task.

The terms of associate individual’s employment square measure fixed by a proposal letter, associate contract, or verbally. in an exceedingly non unionised work, each worker negotiates on their own; the terms of employment don't seem to be universal between all positions.

Many prospective workers don't discuss in the least by selecting to just accept the supply that the leader makes to them. Others kindle $5,000 - $10,000 additional to check if they'll begin the task with the next pay. Since raises square measure afterward supported the charge per unit negotiated, it behooves a replacement worker to barter the most effective potential deal.

In workplaces that square measure drawn by a union, the negotiation agreement covers most aspects of associate employee’s relationship with the work together with compensation, benefits, hours of employment, sick day without work, and vacation. The contract additionally protects the rights of the unionized worker and offers the worker choices to grief-stricken work treatment. The existence of the contract takes away the employee's individual right to barter his pay.

What does an Employee do?

An employee works part-time, full-time or temporary in a job assignment.

An employee barters his or her skills, knowledge, experience, associate degreed contribution in exchange for compensation from a leader. associate degree worker is either exempt from overtime or not exempt from overtime; the principles concerning paying associate degree worker area unit ruled by the honest Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

An exempt worker is procured accomplishing a full job in as several hours as necessary to accomplish it. Employers should pay the non-exempt worker for each hour worked as they're paid by the hour.

When associate degree worker is classed as a non-exempt worker, the leader should originated a time trailing system to make sure that the worker is de jure procured each hour worked and overtime for each hour worked past forty. in one week, and quite eight hours in the future in some states (Alaska, California, and Nevada) or twelve hours in Colorado. Note that this might disagree from state to state and in countries worldwide.

New rules area unit going into impact that creates any distinctions concerning UN agency is exempt associate degreed UN agency is nonexempt supported the number of cash a worker is paid during a year. you'll be wanting to listen to the dynamic rules concerning worker classification as they'll have an effect on most workplaces.

As of Dec. 1, 2016, new overtime rules extended overtime protections to a further four.2 million staff within the u. s. by raising the pay threshold from $23,660 p.a. to $47,476. this implies that almost all employees on lower salaries area unit entitled to time-and-a-half pay whenever they work quite forty hours during a week.

Skills of a good employee

No matter your business, company structure or position, there area unit some common traits that every one managers wish their staff to possess. Here area unit five such skills, the explanations why they’re necessary and the way you'll be able to take a look at them.


Unless you're employed on your own and for yourself, you may need to communicate throughout add some form or type. whereas each employers and staff typically take it terribly gently, there's Brobdingnagian price in establishing nice communication within the work. having the ability to concentrate, speak and write with clarity goes a protracted means in doing nice work systematically.

As a lot of and a lot of groups work remotely or use chat/video tools to figure, communication within the written type is changing into progressively necessary furthermore. tiny disagreements in writing will doubtless result in arguments if not treated in a very timely manner.

Why is it important?

Primarily, sensible communication suggests that a lot of productive atmosphere and higher overall results.

Second, sensible communication ensures less conflict within the work. If associate degree worker communicates their thoughts well, they're going to be able to reach a typical ground simply and perceive others’ points of read.

Third, a number of your staff have customer-facing roles, wherever communication is important. nice communicators will perceive customers’ desires, connect with them and build a more robust relationship between them and your company.

Four, staff can wish to remain in firms wherever folks communicate well. As indicated by analysis, firms with effective communication have five hundredth lower turnover rate rates.

How to take a look at permanently communication? It’s not that tough. throughout the applying and interview method, you’ll be able to see however well the soul communicates with you. within the interview, use the chance to raise some relevant queries, like these:

Tell Pine Tree State a few conflicts you had within the work. however did you solve it?

You need to clarify an advanced issue to a colleague. however does one set about it?

Give Pine Tree State associate degree example of a palmy presentation you had and why you're thinking that it absolutely was nice.

Did you ever need to tell unhealthy news to your manager or coworker? however did you are doing it?

A client is asking in a few drawbacks and they’re very angry. however does one confront them?


No matter the sort of labor or business, nobody will work alone. Even solopreneurs and freelancers operating remotely need to consider others to collaborate and find work done. despite the fact that it’s one amongst the foremost abused resume buzzwords, cooperation is as necessary as ever within the contemporary work.

In fact, seventy fifth of employers list cooperation as vital to their work. And it’s not the employers solely that see the connection of cooperation. In another study, eighty six of employers and staff state that lack of collaboration and communication within the work is that the primary reason for work failures.

Why is it important?

First and foremost, groups that get on along area unit a lot of productive and economical. If the work is opened up rather than placed on one combination of shoulders, it’s easier to complete it.

Teamwork conjointly affects worker morale – correct lines of communication make sure that everybody feels sensible regarding their work. in addition, staff with well-functioning groups have lower turnover and better worker retention rates.

Teamwork provides a spread of various thoughts, backgrounds, and views. among an excellent team, coworkers will brainstorm ideas and are available up with higher solutions than they might on their own.

Your team needs it. As backed by analysis, eighty six of employees like collaboration over competition within the work.

How does one take a look at for teamwork? As mentioned, many candidates merely list “teamwork” in their CV, not absolutely knowing what it entails. Here area unit some queries you'll be able to raise your candidates:

Do you feel higher functioning on your own or half as a team?

How comfy area unit you functioning on a task among a team?

Tell Pine Tree State a few time after you worked along with somebody and a tangle came up. however did you solve it?

Tell Pine Tree State a few palmy project you completed as a part of a team. What was your role?

In your opinion, what makes a team operate well?

Time management

Here’s a shocker. On average, your typical workplace employee is just really productive for two hours and fifty three minutes a day, out of eight work hours. which means that the majority of the time at work is spent drinking occasional, chatting with coworkers, browsing social media, taking lunch breaks, or whichever diversion you like.

Employees that manage their time well are Associate in Nursing plus to your geographic point, as they’re a lot of economical and do higher add less time.

Why is it important?

Time is cash – your cash because the leader, during this case. A lot of that Associate in Nursing worker will do among eight work hours (or whichever your arrangement could be), the higher your come on investment. Associate in Nursing worker that manages their time well could be a sound investment.

Second, Associate in Nursing worker that manages their time well improves the general progress. usually times, work processes rely on each other, thus one unhealthy link will delay the whole project. If you've got a bunch of workers that have a habit of managing their time well – you’ll hit deadlines each time.

Additionally, those who are good at time management merely do higher quality work. as a result of they grasp task priorities, they won’t pay an excessive amount of time on tangential processes and rush what’s very necessary.

How check|to check} for time management skills? one in all the ways that to check for time management is causing out a test task to your candidates and see if they will lie with before the point. At Hundreds 5, we've got a net task as a part of the hiring method wherever we have a tendency to let candidates opt for their own deadlines.

Alternatively, there are some sensible queries that you just will raise, such as…

Have you ever had many tasks with Associate in Nursing approaching deadline? however did you decide on that one to try to to first?

Did you ever fail to fulfill a point in your work? If affirmative, why did it happen?

Your manager offers you too several tasks for you to finish. What does one do?

How does one track the progress of your tasks?

You’re engaged on a task and you recognize you’ll miss the point. What does one do?

Problem-solving skills

In a perfect world, work would be a series of tasks that all have a pre-set resolution. sadly, in real-life, work consists of heaps of unpredictable things wherever workers have to be compelled to wing it on a moment’s notice to search out an answer to a retardant.

When hiring a replacement worker, you wish to create positive that they react properly once facing a retardant. this implies that A) they won’t search for somebody else to try to to the dirty work and B) they won’t nudge the management requesting facilitate.

Why is it important?

Sometimes, things can arise that quit of the scope of the employee’s verbal description. once this happens, the flexibility to suppose outside the box becomes crucial to find an answer and saving the day.

Strong drawback solvers are able to spot issues before they become issues. Through observation, crucial thinking and analysis, they’ll spot gaps and foresee problems within the future.

How to check for problem-solving skills? arouse previous expertise. Here are a number of the queries you'll ask:

Did you ever have to be compelled to solve a retardant while not the input from management? however did you are doing it?

When long-faced with a problem at work, does one tackle it yourself or raise somebody else for help?

Have you ever noticed a retardant before it became pressing and solved it?

You find yourself in an exceedingly nerve-wracking state of affairs and have to be compelled to act quickly. What does one do?

What was your most nerve-wracking work state of affairs thus far, and how did you handle it?


“Integrity is doing the correct issue, even once nobody is looking.” – C.S. Lewis. A candidate’s ethics is one in every of the most effective ways in which to understand that they stand behind their words which they really get the duty done. staff with sturdy integrity do the duty they’re assigned to try to to whereas respecting their coworkers and managers.

While the bases of geographic point integrity are honesty, trust and ethical and moral principles, those with sturdy integrity conjointly believe and uphold their values, in and outdoors of labor.

Why is it important?

A geographic point designed on sturdy integrity may be a geographic point with a positive culture. staff grasp that will|they will|they'll} trust every other’s ethical values and that they can consider judgment and sensible ethics from those around them. It fosters a culture of trust and honesty.

Additionally, an organization with sturdy integrity will get and retain additional customers. By sticking out to your word and following through on your guarantees, you’re earning customers’ trust and positioning yourself as a whole that walks the walk.

How to check for integrity? Besides ringing up previous employers for references, here are some queries you'll be able to raise your potential staff.

Did you ever do one thing against the corporate policy? If affirmative, why did you are doing it?

Tell U.S. associate example of once you stood up for your beliefs within the geographic point.

Tell U.S. of associate instance once you took the lead by setting associate example for others.

Tell U.S. associate example of once you created a blunder within the geographic point and took the blame for it.

Have you ever had to be your previous position? If affirmative, why did you are doing it?

Unfortunately, in the end, all you'll be able to consider is that the candidates’ honesty. whereas there are some additional forceful measures like taking a medical instrument check, most specialists agree that testing for integrity is absolutely tough. Instead, you'll be able to take a glance at previous work history and completely check references.


When it involves skills within the geographic point, there are few additional necessary than motivation. It’s the distinction between associate worker WHO finds new ways in which to refine their processes and find the duty done associated a worker WHO walks in early, goes out late and takes 2-hour lunch breaks.

As it seems, motivation is one in every of the larger contemporary geographic point problems. in line with a town poll, solely thirteen of staff worldwide feel engaged at the geographic point. In alternative words, the overwhelming majority of individuals lack the motivation to try to to their jobs properly and contribute to their organization.

Why is it important?

Employees at additional productive. If the workers is additional impelled, they need the disposition to attain and exceed goals advance of them.

Employees at additional happy. If there’s a correct motivation to try to to their job, your workers are happier with the work they are doing.

Employees improve themselves and their work. If someone’s extremely impelled, they’ll notice new ways in which to try to to their daily tasks, up on quality and speed. What’s additional, they’ll conjointly get to develop themselves personally and professionally, by learning new skills and techniques.

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