Employee Assessments

What is Employee Assessment?

Employee assessments are performance appraisals or reviews used to evaluate employees' performance and productivity. These tests assess personality, aptitude and skills.

Employee assessments are usually done for compensation review, performance improvement, promotions, terminations etc.

How to measure Employee Assessments?

Human resource management conducts employee assessments in order to improve their performance and to monitor what the employee is doing according to what he/she is expected to do.


1. 360 degree feedback: multiple evaluation process which includes assessments from superiors, peers and ones' self

2. SWOT analysis: evaluating strengths and weaknesses of an employee

3. Performance interview: last step of the evaluation process

How do you assess employee skills?

1. Give Your Employees A Test

This is pretty ancient and economical thanks to assess technical and theoretical information. However, such tests square measure conducted within the “laboratory” conditions, so that they don't provide the precise image whether or not the worker are able to use the information in reality or not. Use such check, however solely often - otherwise, you would possibly be frustrated once it involves additional realistic conditions.

2. Ask To Prepare Self-Assessment

You can send your personnel a questionnaire which they should fill in by themselves. On the one hand it shows not only their abilities, but also their self-perception. On the other hand, you might not benefit from such a subjective point of view in either way: Βe their evaluation too optimistic or to pessimistic. Thus, this method should be used in combination with some other, more objective one.

3. Get Feedback From The Teams

There is some sound judgement in what the team members would say, however it's positive needless to say of course obviously as expected evidently additional objective instead of simply looking forward to the opinion of 1 person! raise staff to share their feedback on every other’s performance (make sure it doesn't go personal!) and see if every of them will do his job on a high level.

4. Put Them In Real Situations

The most economical thanks to train and assess skills - nothing is higher than follow. however what if you merely cannot risk and leave the “testing” till the time comes. What if during this real time conditions, your worker fails? ready to} take up this risk? to create certain that your staff area unit able to perform the task it's safer to begin with different ways. However, if you're certain in high qualifications of your employees, you'll be able to place them in world conditions to challenge them and check their proficiency.

5. Let Them Play A Business Game

Current trend of gamification penetrated varied aspects of our lives. these days not solely youngsters play the games, and plenty of games haven't solely operate of diversion, however additionally serve skilled goals and area unit created for adults.

6. Ask For Clients’ Feedback

One kind of the $64000 life scenario testing. The distinction is that you just assess the actions when they need been performed. it's a decent manner not solely to visualize however your worker works, however additionally to speak with the shopper and learn additional regarding his/her wants. Use this nice chance, however certify that your employees have already got ample skills to be tested with this methodology.

How to Give an Employee Evaluation?

1. Take notes on performance throughout the year

When necessary things happen concerning Associate in Nursing employee’s performance, you’ll wish to require specific notes. Taking notes can assist you accomplish many things.

It will build it clear that you’re being attentive throughout the complete year, not simply throughout the months and weeks that originate to the review. This helps stop a culture of workers World Health Organization square measure incentivized to figure onerous throughout the amount simply before reviews.

It will conjointly offer you specific examples to assist you copy your points.

Finally, it provides you an opportunity to enhance your overall performance analysis method. If you are taking the time to notice one thing, it in all probability suggests that it’s necessary enough to provide the worker a touch feedback right then, in order that they will improve, and you’re each on constant page come back review time.

If you tell Associate in Nursing worker that they have to enhance in a very sure space of the work, however can’t provide examples, they'll be skeptical or confused regarding specifically however they will improve.

2. Know what your goals are for the evaluation

Go in knowing what you wish to induce out of the review. Have a clear understanding of what you want.

3. Be honest and direct

Don’t attempt to sugar-coat feedback. Be clear, honest, and straight-forward regarding things that require to vary or improve.

4. Only make promises you can keep

Talk to them regarding future potentialities, however, make certain you've got the ability to create this stuff happen. Don’t set Associate in Nursing worker expectation that you just can’t follow through on.

5. Avoid making comparisons between employees

This can breed unhealthy competition and enmity.

6. Don't pretend to have all the answers

If Associate in Nursing worker asks a matter that you just cannot answer, don’t attempt to pretend it. nobody can lose respect for you if you say, “I don’t apprehend, let ME come back  to you.” On the opposite hand, if you provide a solution that seems to be false, you may lose respect and trust.

7. Use an evaluation form for consistency

You'll want to possess an organized and consistent method for evaluating workers. This makes the method fairer and may facilitate your company to avoid or defend against discrimination suits within the future.

8. Develop metrics for measuring performance throughout the year

Having measurable goals helps workers apprehend wherever they're, and helps you additional accurately gauge performance.

What is the purpose of employee evaluations?

Regular worker analysis helps inform employees what their managers expect within the geographical point. they supply employers with info to use once creating employment selections, like promotions, pay raises, and layoffs.

In an ancient worker analysis, the manager or supervisor writes and presents {the worker|the worker}'s contributions and shortcomings to the employee. The manager and worker then discuss enhancements. Some organizations raise the worker to jot down a self-evaluation before the meeting.

Self-evaluations are usually crucial to your sensible performance rating. Managers cannot presumably apprehend everything you are doing a day. thus a literary self-evaluation with successes and sophisticated comes listed will inform, or remind, your manager concerning the goals you've got accomplished and therefore the contributions you've got created throughout the year.

By penning this up, you'll be able to influence your manager's judicial decision concerning your performance rating. If you've got received praise from shoppers, either internal or external, embrace them in your self-evaluation to let your manager apprehend that others appreciate your work.

The performance analysis method in organizations is current - a day - because the manager or supervisor observes and coaches every employee's performance.

In several organizations with a proper worker analysis method, staff ar hierarchical and rated compared to alternative staff. Raises ar assigned supported each the assessment ranking and therefore the rating - sometimes one to 5 - that the manager assigns to the employee's performance.

Additionally, some organizations confirm, in advance, the share of staff whom you'll be able to rank one, two, three, four, and five.

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