Exit Interview

What is an Exit Interview?

An exit interview could be a meeting with a terminating worker that's typically conducted by a personality's resource staffer. The exit interview provides your organization with the chance to get frank and honest feedback from the worker who is going away from your employment.

Managers and supervisors are inspired to conduct exit interviews with staff who are going away from the organization. These interviews with the exiting worker will offer data that the manager will use to avoid losing further staff. And, once trust exists between the manager and the employee who is exiting the organization, the worker exit interview feedback is beneficial for structure improvement and development.

What are the pros and cons of Exit Interviewing

In-Person Exit Interviews

With in-person exit interviews, Associate in Nursing 60 minutes representative meets one by one with every terminating worker.


  • Can give data concerning edges and retrieve company property throughout the interview
  • Gives a private bit to every worker
  • Can seek for additional data on every question


  • Employees could also be afraid to share sensitive or negative data throughout Associate in Nursing in-person interview
  • For larger corporations, it's going to be too time-intensive to interview each worker
  • It's troublesome to trace data received verbally throughout Associate in Nursing interview

Telephone Exit Interviews

Telephone Exit Interviews area unit conducted over the phone by Associate in Nursing 60 minutes Representative or an out of doors third party authority.


  • Can seek for additional data on every question
  • Can enter knowledge into a pursuit system whereas conducting the interview
  • Easier to schedule than in-person interviews


  • Time intense if done in-house by Associate in Nursing 60 minutes Representative
  • Expensive if through with an out of doors authority
  • Employees usually reluctant to verbally share sensitive or negative data

Paper and Pencil Exit Interviews

Paper and Pencil Exit Interviews area unit sometimes conducted by a kind that's given to the worker on their Last Judgement or armoured to the employee's home.


  • Takes less time to supply a kind compared with conducting Associate in Nursing in the flesh or phone interview
  • Employees will share data on paper that they will be reluctant to mention in the flesh


  • Return rates for exit interview forms average simply 30-35%
  • Difficult and time-intense to compile and track the info from paper and pencil forms

Online Exit Interview Management Systems


  • Employee self-service very easy for 60 minutes to administer
  • Employees snug sharing data by pc, therefore, additional honest responses
  • Information mechanically compiles and tracked
  • Reports offered at a click of a button
  • Participation rates (for WebExit customers) double that for paper and pencil exit interviews

7 Questions You'll Probably Be Asked in Your Exit Interview

An exit interview is really nothing to stress over. Think of it as your chance to have a valuable and honest discussion about the ins and outs of the position you’re leaving. And, if you do start to feel stressed, just ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen. After all, they can’t fire you.

1. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Position?

As you may guess, this can be possible the key question that your leader desires answered throughout your exit interview. What the euphemism caused you to require to finish off your luggage and go?

You’re asked this for a number of completely different reasons. First, your leader desires to spot whether or not or not there was one event that precipitated your departures—such as a rupture along with your manager or a colleague. Secondly, he or she’s hoping to work out if there square measure any shortcomings with the position that require to be resolved before transfer during a replacement.

Remember, one amongst a company’s key goals is worker retention. And, your feedback is important in serving to realize that!

2. Do You Think You Were Adequately Equipped to Do Your Job Well?

Companies additionally wish to realize some business executive insight into however qualified staff felt, and this question could be a good way to work out that.

It might appear a bit strange to air your grievances concerning lack of coaching, unhelpful technology, or a totally incommunicative team. But, confine mind that obtaining that everyone out into the open can truly facilitate your leader to enhance within the end of the day.

Your time unit department isn’t buggy. They understand that you’re a feat for a reason, and they’re cognizant that you simply won’t solely have sweet, sunshiney things to mention concerning your job. So, don’t hesitate to be honest. simply keep in mind that you simply don’t wish to be completely brutal along with your feedback either—burning bridges isn't suggested.

3. What Was Your Relationship With Your Manager Like?

Your operating relationship along with your boss was most likely the foremost prestigious in your daily work life, therefore your company desires to understand the great, bad, and therefore the ugly. What did your supervisor do well? However, did you are feeling concerning his or her management vogue overall?

Be ready to additionally offer some suggestions for methods he or she will be able to improve. It'd appear unreasonable to mention something negative concerning your supervisor—especially once the “don’t ever complain concerning your boss” rule has been established in your memory for years. However, it’s necessary feedback.

Again, simply keep in mind that you simply don’t wish to travel off the rails and start reproval your boss. After all, a lot of your criticism can possibly be relayed back to the present person. So, once unsure, keep it constructive. It is said that people don't leave companies, they leave their managers. Understand what was the crux of the concern.

4. What Was the Biggest Factor That Led You to Accept This New Job?

Of course, you don’t get to feel pressured to share all styles of details concerning the position you’re moving on to. However, you must be ready to listen to a number of queries on those lines. The individuals answerable merely wish to induce an inspiration of however they’re matching up with different organizations within the same business.

Perhaps the pay at your new job is far higher, and your leader must measure its wage structure. Or, perhaps one thing concerning the corporate culture very appealed to you. No matter it's, sharing that data helps your leader to remain not off course with its competitors—something that’s, without a doubt, necessary once attracting new talent.

5. What Did You Like Most About Your Job?

While the most goal of exit interviews is to induce constructive feedback, that doesn’t mean you won’t have the chance to focus on any positives.

In a typical exit interview, you’ll be asked what aspects of your position you likable the foremost. Whether or not it had been a specific job duty, your team members, or the weekly happy hours, your company desires to understand what created you foresee to returning in every day. This information helps your manager not solely still expand on these positive attributes, however additionally play up the appealing traits once listing your position!

6. What Did You Dislike Most About Your Job?

Here it is—the flip side of the coin. It’s time to share those not-so-great aspects of your position.

Maybe you detested having to coordinate the monthly committee meeting. maybe your boss was an entire meddling micromanager. Or, perhaps you're thinking that your entire department must be restructured so as to figure additional with efficiency and effectiveness.

Now’s your likelihood to be honest and share those complaints that you simply unremarkably reserved for mutters underneath your breath and emission sessions over cocktails with friends.

7. What Skills and Qualifications Do You Think We Need to Look for in Your Replacement?

Who has higher insight into what it takes to try your job well than you? Spoiler alert: no one. You were the one United Nations agency got the work done day in and outing. And, likelihood is that you probably did it well. So, your leader desires to understand what qualities they ought to keep their eyes out for once exchange you.

Perhaps your original verbal description stressed that you simply required to be nice with management. But, once you were there, you completed that information was seldom even touched by anyone in your workplace. it had been Associate in Nursing obsolete job duty that they unbroken pasting over from description to description. Instead, you're thinking that that trying to find somebody with robust structure and multi-tasking skills could be a far more necessary aspect to stress. Trust me, your leader can appreciate (and use!) this data.

5 Tips for Exit Interviews

For your next exit interview, follow these 5 tips:

1. Vent ahead of time, not during the interview.

Associate in Nursing hour manager doesn’t need to listen to, throughout your exit interview, that you just assume your manager was a jerk. whereas it should be irresistible to use the meeting to unload, once you’ve created the choice to go away Associate in Nursing leader, airing your gripes won’t do one any smart. It slow to speak concerning considerations was whereas you were used.

“One of my purchasers had such a lot repressed frustration as she was deed employment that she was upset it might boil within the exit interview,” aforementioned Mistal. To avoid this, before the interview, Mistal suggested the girl write a "no-holds-barred" resignation letter to her soon-to-be former boss with scrupulous detail concerning each side of the work that caused her to resign. however, the letter wouldn’t move to the boss; it might run to Mistal.

This approach helped the girl in private vent her robust emotions and gave coach and shopper an opportunity to show her considerations into productive, constructive criticism within the exit interview, in step with Mistal.

“It additionally gave the United States of America an opportunity to examine wherever she was the difficulty, wherever her approach to things created things worse and the way she might break those negative patterns going forward,” Mistal recollects.

2. Plan and prepare for the session.

 Take the exit interview as rigorously as you'd Associate in a Nursing interview for a replacement job, Mistal suggested. Additionally, to operating through your emotions ahead, speak to Associate in Nursing objective third party concerning your problems, therefore, you'll be able to bring them up during an approach that is of service to subsequent one who is going to be in your job, aforementioned Mistal.

By framing your opinions to demonstrate that you’re wondering what is best for the corporate, you will have a way the larger probability of getting a true influence and of being remembered well.

Allan, United Nations agency is getting ready to go away to another company wherever she has worked for over 3 decades, is coming up with a replacement approach now around. “I feel a responsibility to speak concerning the terribly real downside areas,” she told ME. “But having worked here for such a protracted time, I actually need to try and do it during a constructive ‘big picture’ approach that points to prospects for doing things otherwise within the future.”

Her exit interview strategy is to “warn against moving too far-off from one in every of the company's explicit values, that is to treat staff with respect and facilitate one another to succeed,” she said.

3. Exit with grace by focusing on the positive. 

If you’re too candid and important, you’ll bump into as being bitter or resolute harm somebody. “The challenge is to supply non-emotional feedback,” aforementioned Vivian Rank, an authority for The Society for Human Resource Management. “You don't desire to rail. that sort of feedback does not get detected.”

Companies do need to find out ways that to boost the geographical point culture and the way they will keep staff additional engaged, she added. “If you’re deed for a precise company or a more robust pay, that’s smart data for a corporation to possess, too,” noted Rank.

If you care concerning the corporate and wish to form a distinction, “make positive your comments area unit fact-based and skilled,” she said. “In general, most employers need to understand what you likeable concerning your job and also the company and what you'd amendment if you'll. however, keep it easy.”

Be sure to say what proportion you learned there Associate in Nursingd why each you and also the company benefited from it slow as a worker. you'll be able to additionally say that you just were honoured to possess been a part of the organization and area unit galvanized by their mission and product if this is often true.

It's cheap, though, to mention that you just felt like your skills weren't getting used fully and to supply examples if that was the case. And it’s okay to discuss general actions of your manager or corporate policy that had sway on your call to go away.

4. Provide useful facts. 

Area unit you deed as a result of your pay or advantages weren't competitive with the company’s competitors (one of whom you will be headed to)? Were there not enough opportunities for promotion? Employers love competitive knowledge, even though it doesn’t create them look nice.

5. Have your own informal exit interviews. 

If you actually need to go away your campground clean, a number of your handiest exit conversations will present itself outside of the formal exit interview. As you prepare to wash out your table and bid Auf Wiedersehen, you would possibly contemplate sharing with staffers (and maybe your manager) why you felt operating there was special. Then, you'll be able to nonchalantly cast aside any sensible concepts concerning however they could improve the work setting supported your expertise to form it a fair higher place to figure.

How to Conduct an Effective Exit Interview

To avoid this sad result from the exit interviews you conduct, the following five recommendations will help you make your employee exit interview data collection matter.

1. Ask Questions, and Pay Close Attention in an Exit Interview

You will wish to concentrate rigorously to what you're told in Associate in a Nursing exit interview and certify that you just raise plenty of queries. This can facilitate make sure that you're hearing what the worker is spoken communication and what he or she isn't spoken communication. Each ar vital. It's simple to form a leap of religion and assume that you just perceive what the worker is describing, however, the employee's words might not accurately convey the employee's true feelings.

During an Associate in Nursing exit interview, being attuned to the employee's refined variations in that means is crucial to the utility of the knowledge you receive. It is also best to jot down what the worker says as a result of you do not wish to trust your memory. Once you write down the responses that your exiting worker provides, the person receives the message that you just care concerning the knowledge that he or she is providing. This, in turn, could permit you to gather a lot of data and feedback than you otherwise could have received.

In a study involving eighty-eight executives and thirty-two senior leaders, "Harvard Business Review" researchers found that when reproof 210 organizations in thirty-three industries, headquartered in additional than thirty-five countries, 2 vital factors affected exit interviews.

2.Understanding the Positive Aspects of Employment 

By understanding the positive aspects of employment along with your organization, it'll conjointly build it easier for you to retain vital staff and improve your geographic point productivity. You'll have the knowledge you wish to form the changes necessary to supply a fascinating geographic point.

Because you're allowed to raise nearly Associate in Nursing question in an exit interview, it is an experience to inquire concerning compensation and edges at competitive firms. you'll discover you high the list. You'll conjointly raise the individual that is exploited for any positive data they need to share concerning managers, the structure mission, the vision of the corporate, and if your organization excels at communication.

3. Create a Comfortable Environment for the Exit Interview

The key to conducting an efficient exit interview is to make Associate in the Nursing setting during which the exiting worker is comfy providing honest feedback. The structure culture that fosters helpful exit interview feedback is one during which staff are comfy sharing concepts overtly are inspired to criticize processes, and ways and are never reprimanded for sharing their thoughts.

4.Distill Employee Anxiety During the Exit Interview

You need to assure {the worker|the worker} WHO is exploit that the feedback he or she provides is combined with alternative employee feedback Associate in Nursing given to management in an aggregate format. This helps distill any anxiety on the part of the worker that there'll be reprisals for fewer than feedback.

Employees are involved concerning their reputations, and that they worry concerning however the exit interview knowledge is used. they need to be assured that if they run into their manager or coworkers within the future, their data has been unbroken non-public.

How you quit your job will have an effect on your future. thus staff worry concerning burning bridges Associate in Nursing exploits the leader with a but favorable impression if they speak too honestly at an exit interview. Your goal is to make an Associate in the Nursing setting during which the worker trusts that their feedback is employed in Associate in Nursing aggregate format with the goal of raising the organization.

5. Ask the Most Important Question

Finally, certify that each exit interview contains the foremost vital question that you just have to be compelled to raise the worker. You wish to understand what caused the worker to begin trying to find a brand new job within the 1st place. This can be the one most vital question to raise your exiting worker.

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