Form F

What is Form F

Form F is a mandatory register that employers must maintain according to labor laws. It records leave with wages for employees. It includes Earned Leave and Sick Leave sections. The register must be preserved for three years and presented to inspectors upon request.

In terms of legal requirements

Application of intimation—Employers with fewer than ten workers must submit an online notification, called Form 'F', to inform authorities when they start their business. They need to upload specific documents, including the employer's ID and picture of the establishment, as per Indian compliance.

In terms of contents

Form F is a document that helps employers keep track of their employees' leave with wages. It includes details like the employee's name, type of leave taken (like Earned Leave or Sick Leave), the duration of the leave, and the dates when the leave was taken. This form is essential for ensuring that employees receive their entitled leave and for employers to comply with labor laws regarding leave with wages.

In terms of purpose

Form F is basically a tool that employers use to keep tabs on when their employees take time off and ensure they're compensated for it. It's like a structured checklist to make sure everyone gets their fair share of leave with pay, while also making sure the company follows all the rules about granting employees time off.

In terms of coverage

Form 16 is a document that summarizes your income and tax deductions for the year. It includes details such as your personal information, earnings from various sources, deductions claimed, and the amount of tax deducted from your salary. It serves as a useful reference to better understand your tax situation when preparing your tax return. 

In terms of layout

  • Employee Information: Name, ID, department, position.
  • Type of Leave: Earned leave, sick leave, etc.
  • Dates of Leave: Start and end dates.
  • Duration: Number of days/hours.
  • Reason for Leave: Optional explanation.
  • Approval: Employer/manager signature.
  • Additional Notes: Space for comments.

In terms of preservation and inspection

Employers must keep Form F records for at least three years after the last entry. Labor inspectors can ask to see these records, so they need to be readily available. This helps ensure that employers follow the rules and can be checked by inspectors if needed.

Substitution clause

Sometimes, employers can use different records instead of Form F, but there are rules:

  • Conditions: There are specific conditions to follow for this substitution.
  • Approved alternatives: Only certain records are allowed as substitutes.
  • Approval needed: Employers might need approval before using other records.
  • Record keeping: Whatever records they use, they must be accurate and kept for the same time as Form F.
  • Inspector check: Inspectors can make sure the substitute records are okay.


Not maintaining Form F can lead to trouble for employers, including fines, legal issues, damage to reputation, government actions, lawsuits, and employee disputes. It's important for employers to keep accurate records to avoid these problems.

Best practices

  • Keep Form F records organized and accurate.
  • Use digital systems for easier management.
  • Train staff and regularly review records.
  • Protect data and follow retention policies.
  • Stay updated on labor laws.

People Also Ask

Are there any penalties for incorrect completion of Form F?

Yes, incorrect completion of Form F can lead to penalties, such as fines or legal actions, depending on your jurisdiction's regulations. It's crucial to fill out the form accurately to avoid these consequences.

How does Form F vary across different jurisdictions?

Form F may vary across jurisdictions due to differences in local labor laws and regulations. While the purpose remains the same, requirements, format, and submission methods may differ. HR professionals should understand the specific Form F requirements in their jurisdiction to ensure compliance.

Can Form F be submitted electronically?

Yes, in many places, you can submit Form F electronically. This means you can fill it out online instead of using a paper form. It's faster and easier, but make sure to follow your local guidelines.

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