Job Search Engine

What are job search engines? 

A job search engine is software that gathers job listings from a variety of sources, including job boards, company websites, and trade organizations. The job search engine definition may also be elaborated as the specialist job sites that collect and list open positions on the internet. Job postings from both job boards and direct employers can be found on these sites with recruitment search engines.

Difference between job boards v/s job search engines

A job board is a portal wherein employers post job openings. On the other hand, job search engines sites explore the internet and compile job openings from job boards and employer webpages. The areas wherein the two differ are as follows:

Job Search Optimization

Job search engine sites work in a similar way to user search engines like Google and Yahoo. These sites scour the internet for content that qualifies as a job posting. The site then gathers that employment content on a regular basis and makes it accessible to job seekers via a simple, straightforward, and familiar search experience.

When a recruiter employs a job search engine or recruitment search engines, they'll examine job posting titles, requirements, posting dates, descriptions, and more to see if the role fits the job seeker's criteria from the talent pool. Whereas, when a recruiter searches for a position on a job board, they frequently have to rely solely on job titles and locations to top job searches queries, as they do not have to worry about deciphering job listings, not intended for their website or target audience.

Pricing structure

Organizations clearly define their open positions on job boards. They frequently accept job applications directly through the job board. Employers often pay a fee to the job board to publish their openings on the site; in essence, the site stores resume and sells accessibility to employers.

A job board essentially sells job posts or job details, whereas job search engines use a performance-based mechanism for job advertising.  

Market needs and competition

A job search engine crawls the internet and indexes all available positions from a variety of employment portals and employment sites. To fuel their top job searches results, job boards rely on advertising a position directly to their website. As a consequence, HR or talent acquisition professionals intending to post job openings online face more competition.


Indeed and SimplyHired are two of the most prominent job search engines, with millions of job listings on their own sites. (It is a job search engine as well as a job board.) Getwork seeks for employment on the websites of small, medium, and large businesses, excluding job boards. Green Job Bank or JobsOnTheMenu, for example, are niche job search engines that collect jobs from a variety of employment-specific sites.  

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