Social Recruiting

What is Social Recruitment?

The process of recruiting applicants through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as other websites such as online forums, job boards, and blogs, is known as social recruitment. These social media platforms are used by businesses to identify, engage, and screen potential candidates, and hence, it is also termed as social media recruiting.

How does social recruiting work?

The social recruiting process can be possibly distinguished into two methods- first, broadening reach by promoting job openings and leveraging the strength of social networks, and second, actively seeking for qualified candidates using publicly available information on social media.

The role of social media in recruitment and talent acquisition, among different platforms, mostly includes:

  • Making use of advanced search on LinkedIn/Facebook to find suitable applicants.
  • Tweeting links to opening positions with relevant and branded hashtags.
  • Posting images of current employees on the company's Instagram account with a statement inviting others to join your team
  • Adding résumés to recruiting pool.

Benefits of effective social recruiting strategies

As per a report on Glassdoor, 79 per cent of job seekers use social media in their job hunt. Some of the benefits of social media recruitment tools may be as follows:

Direct interaction with passive candidates

Some candidates won’t be actively looking for a new job which excludes them from your job boards. However, social media enables these individuals to come across your organization’s updates, company culture, and new job openings, which indeed might catch their eye and fit their requirements and future job prospects.

Access to background details before getting hold of resumes

With your social recruiting efforts, you can see a person's employment and education history on LinkedIn and, to a lesser degree, Facebook. Before you contact a candidate, you tend to recognise if the candidate has the necessary experience or qualifications for the desired job opening.

Cost-effective and time-saving

The social recruiting process is free of cost unless you market job postings through paid ads. Narrowing the recruitment funnel and onboarding suitable candidates is just as important as saving money. You can rapidly connect and communicate with the new hires, develop a more customized relationship with them, quickly check their job history, and learn more about their hobbies and personalities.

Derived promotion of employer brand & company culture

A well-built careers page appears in LinkedIn or any other platform’s search results, allowing you to highlight your organization's culture. Job seekers will come across your page, view your positions, and learn everything they need to know ‍with your recruitment marketing efforts.


Some individual opinions object to the concept of social recruiting, claiming that true social recruitment should take place within a purpose-built social network rather than modern-day internet forums. Despite that, social recruitment is a rapidly emerging field that allows businesses to reach out to a larger audience for job openings.

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