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Time to fill

What is time to fill?

Time to fill is the amount of time needed to fill an open position. It’s a recruitment metric that enables organizations to plan the hiring process better. Time to fill is an indicator of hiring efficiency. It provides important feedback for determining which sourcing methods an recruitment strategies can quickly garner the needed candidates

How do you calculate time to fill?

The time to fill represents the calendar days until a company fills an open position. In order count those days, the time period that will need to be measured has to be defined. For instance, the starting point could be the moment:

  • The hiring manager submits a job opening for approval
  • HR or Finance approves the job opening
  • A recruiter advertises the job opening

The time to fill period ends on the day the candidate accepts the job offer. Companies should ensure that time to fill is consistently measures for all positions and teams. 

How can we reduce time to fill?

Here are a few ideas to reduce time to fill by using more efficient recruiting strategies:

1. Build a candidate database

Every time a position opens, employers won’t have to start looking from scratch. An ATS already has qualified candidates in a talent database that made it to the final stages of the hiring process.

2. Source actively

Reach out to passive candidates and connect with them through emails or social media channels. Even without an immediate opening, employers can establish a strong relationship with them so that they can be contacted in the future.

3. Scrutinise the time to fill

The time to fill process has many layers: time to interview, time from application to telephonic screening, and more. Employers can discover which stage takes too long and work on having it improved.

4. Create an effective employee referral program

Organizations can offer incentives to employees for referring candidates and send reminders of job openings to colleagues. Send employees the job description and request them to recommend qualified candidates. This process reduces the time spent on job advertising and resume screening.