The HOW to's of major HR challenges answered ft. Martin Umaru

Martin Umaru

All right. My name is Martin Umaru. I'm currently in Nigeria. The federal capital Abuja. That's where I'm working from, and then I'm the managing partner of MGU consultant, which is a human resource consulting firm and business advisory.  

Q: Employee Engagement

Martin Umaru:

All right. So some of the challenges that the human resources profession or professionals are facing at the moment being the post COVID period, is that, for instance, when it comes to recruitment, you have issues. We have, I have lots of a high volume of applications coming in, but sadly, what you find out is that just a few number, have the requisite skills.

There's a few number have those skills that are way beyond the job requirements. So this is also applicable to organizations that are trying to embrace, uh, diversity and inclusion that finding, the right country is to create the balance is usually can be a difficult task. And then on this other hand, if you are trying to develop the employee value proposition is usually hard getting a good match in much that come, an EVP that can match candidates expectations because expectations have changed over time.  

Martin Umaru:

And then lastly, uh, you have the issue about lots of the recruitment activities are done online at the moment. So this takes away the physical presence. It takes away the room for both the candidates and the panelists to connect as well. Because once you're in the same space, you're able to either pick out the strengths or flaws as the case may be. So how to navigate yourself around this, the Luxus or the challenges we have when it comes to recruitment is that HR professionals can focus on, knowing exactly where to cast their nets on once you're searching for candidates so they can get exactly what you're looking for.

Let's say you can get the good quality candidates and the HR professional will have to develop a very good talent pipeline so that you can easily make reference to, that is very, very important, and that it's good to focus on hiring from within. You can only go outside when it's very, very important hiring from within it raises employee's motivation, and then it costs you is more cheaper than hiring from, from outside. So these are some of the things that, people can look on to when it comes to recruitment.  

Q: Performance Management

Martin Umaru:

So for performance management it has always been seen as a tedious and time consuming exercise. People see it basically as a human resource activity when it's not supposed to be so, so as such, they don't put it as part of the top of the RET, you know, but that is very important that people take performance management, very key. But the question now is that how do you get people to perform during this, period that we are, people are faced with so many challenges? What do you focus on? Is it knocking on their door to get them to perform also inspire them to walk, to bring their whole self to work, because considering all these challenges. So those are two things to focus on. How do you find your way? How do you navigate yourself around the challenges of performance management?

One thing that people need to do is to focus on productivity and the haystack and the framework whereby people have, people are able to log in their work inputs daily on a regular basis by so doing you erase the fear that goes with performance presents exercises, once you monitor and give them regular feedback on their strengths, they will know at every point in time that this is where I am when it comes to performance. So those are things, things that we can all consider.  

It's sad that we are the wall we live in. It's quite uncertain. Lots of businesses have been threatened and even the availability of jobs. So these have forced organizations, some organizations to cut down numbers and putting down numbers. How does that effect on the motivation of employees who are still in the workforce? And then on the other hand, there have been a reduction in the budget of, engagement activities. So you have organizations they are not doing as much as they could when it comes to engagement. And we all know it's very important to engage staff.

So finding a way around, engagement activities is that management needs to involve employees for lots of things that affects them in regards to decision making. And then management needs to communicate to employees as well, whatever successes they have, whatever wins they have, whatever challenges and then plans for the future. They all need to engage people and they need to support employees as much as they could, because some are working from home. You need to be able to give them the work tools to support their work, or even to support their personal lives need to be. You need to focus on their mental wellbeing, creating the balance between work and wellbeing.

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