What are extended workforces? ft. Neha Sharma

Q: How are you dealing with the pandemic with HR-oriented methods?
Neha Sharma:

Hi, I'm Neha Sharma, HR professional with more than 14 years of work experience in managing HR functions of different organizations. This pandemic reminds me of a famous saying, which is 'adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.' This pandemic has actually forced us to think of elder ness for almost everything that we do in our lives. And when it comes to our employees, we have changed many processes in the entire employee life cycle. One thing that I would like to do differently is engaging my employee at their extended workplace.

When I'm saying extended workplace, I'm talking about this home. Till my employee is not sitting at the workplace with his PS or colleagues, but rather he's sitting at home with his families. So the employee engagement is all the more important for me today because I need to create a good experience for not just my employee, but also his family members.  

Because today he is sharing his breaks with his family. He's sharing maybe his workplace issues with his family. He is in fact sharing every moment that, uh, his spending by working for my organization. Let's take an example. If I'm today hosting a reward and recognition program on a zoom call and I'm announcing a winner, I'm not just traiting a up around them and for the employee, but also for his family member, because all of us know that when we are working at home, we are sitting on our laptops and we have our family members around us.

They see us, they watch us, how we are working for organization, how much time we are spending for our, what kind of experience my manager is giving and what kind of conversation I'm having in different meetings that I'm taking. Hence today, it is very important that we keep these things in importance.

Let's take another example, a managers having a one-on-one conversation with one of his female team member who's a new mother and he's extending flexibility to her. He is not just creating a good experience for her, but rather he's also telling her family that what kind of support we provide as an organization or what kind of a culture we all drive in our organization. And if I'm able to successfully engage my employee and his family and this new normal, I think I'll be in a better position to grind my organization also as a better place to work because it's not my employee, but also his family will be spreading word of mouth.

His family will also go out and say, good words about my organization, the culture that we drive in the organization. So I think today it is not just what we do, what we do to engage our employees, but rather how do we do it, that ship from what to hire, how is very important? What kind of conversation my manager is doing is important, but at the same time, how he's doing that conversation is also equally important.

Do I have my managers trained enough to manage or handle such kind of conversations that he's discussing performing? So I would, the employee would be about general work. So this is what I think this is my opinion, and this is how I would like to engage my employees in this new normal.

What about you?  

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