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Casting Director Job Description

Casting Director Job Description

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Casting Director Job Description

We are looking for a Casting Director to organize castings and select actors for film or stage. Your job will determine the final success of the production as the right person should be in the right role.

As a Casting Director, you should oversee castings and select actors for theatrical production, films, and commercials. Your job role will help determine the ultimate success of the production as the best person should be assigned the right role.

Casting Director Responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with producers, directors, and writers to determine the scope of productions.

  • Analyzing scripts and role characteristics.

  • Distributing information on available parts to talent agencies.

  • Contacting short-listed leading actors or their agents to verify availability.

  • Scheduling and conducting auditions.

  • Presenting a list of possible leading actors to producers and directors.

  • Issuing casting calls for minor acting parts and conducting auditions.

  • Negotiating and finalizing cost-effective contracts with agents or actors.

  • Liaising between directors and the actors on contractual matters, as well as managing casting budgets.

  • Finding replacements for actors when necessary.

Casting Director Requirements

  • Proven experience as casting director

  • Current knowledge of available acting talent

  • Ability to maintain knowledge of industry trends

  • Instinct to recognize talent

  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal ability

  • Great negotiation skills

  • A team player

  • High school diploma; further education in film, arts or relevant field is a plus