Product Glossary


A regularly scheduled time for managers to check-in with direct reports with their employees

360 Degree Feedback

Under 360-degree feedback, not just your superior but your peers and direct reports evaluate you too.

9 box Quadrant

An individual assessment tool that evaluates an employee's current and potential level of contribution to the organization.


A list of openings that the organization is currently looking to fill.

Add asset

Add every IT asset your organization owns and keep a tab of it.

Add payroll cycle

Add a payroll cycle.


Insights into the effectiveness of the applicants received through an agency.


Announcements make it easy for you to share important updates and communicate with your employees about general company information.


An applicant is someone who has applied for an open position that the organization is currently hiring for.


Appraisals focus centrally on task standards and on evaluation of work behaviors to help the organization evaluate employee performance.


Approval is a defined process of handling consent for official work or specific requests from employees. It usually involves managers and other members of the hierarchy giving approval.


Before the actual interview process begins, collect candidate information related to a defined set of skills or qualities that all applicants should have and rate the applicants on quality, as well as provide feedback.


From hardware to software, desktop to mobile, keep tabs on every IT asset your organization owns.


An accurate dashboard that helps track individual as well as employees' time and attendance.

Available leaves & Holidays

A list of different types of leaves along with insights on the leave balance.

Candidate NPS

The Net promoter score is a measure of how your candidates rate their interview experience with your company.


An internal communication tool to create ad-hoc groups and collaborate with employees across channels, teams and hierarchies.

Clock in

Employees can clock-in to log their shifts, track work hours, and report overtime.


A list of positions that have been closed once the position has been filled.

Comments requested

A window visible to HR or a senior manager having requests from the employees to give feedback on their goals.


A cluster of highly inter-related objectives like knowledge, skills and abilities that lead to a candidate performing his job to his potential.

Competency group

For employees to perform to their potential, competencies need to be assigned to them by segregating them as per their departments.

Course catalogue

An archive of a number of learning management courses on the platform.

Create Huddle

Create a new huddle for a particular group within the organization and track the productivity of that group on a day-to-day basis.

Create course

Create a platform for some interesting and educational courses for your employees using the LMS.

Create ideas

Create an idea in real time and let everyone in the organization view it.

Create project

Make employees work together as a team to achieve a unique goal.


Insights into the effectiveness of the applicants received directly through the website of your organization

Document requests

A list of documents uploaded by the employees, which are to be approved by the HR department.

Document templates

A template intended for use by both the manager as well as the staff for sending out a promotion, a sick leave or a resignation letter.


A centralized repository for storing and accessing documents.


Draft job is a job that is saved but not yet published.

Drop offs

The candidate, for whatever reason, changes their mind about the position and drops out of the interview process before you can extend an offer.

Employee voice

A digital suggestion box that lets employees voice their feedback and offer solutions on any issue that's on their mind.

Engagement index

The Employee Engagement Index measures employees’ engagement with their jobs or day-to-day work. It is based on survey questions that assess factors such as the effort and enthusiasm they put into their daily activities.

Enrolled courses

A list of active and completed courses that you have enrolled for.


The candidate has successfully moved through the screening stage and is being considered for an open position.

Evaluation history

A list of reviews added by multiple interviewers for different interview rounds for a specific candidate.

External recruiter

Insights into the effectiveness of the applicants received from someone similar to that of an agency but sending more refined applicants.

Feedback evaluation scale

A measuring scale a manager can choose to have while designing a feedback template.

Feedback history

This report shows the complete rating details of individual users of your organization for review cycles that occurred in the past.

Feedback requests

A place to manage all your feedback requests, pending feedback and your feedback reviewers.

Feedback templates

A template intended for use by both managers and staff to assess peers, self-evaluate and share feedback.

Funnel by source

Insight into the effectiveness of the organization’s best performing candidate sourcing channels.


Interesting challenges and targets to complete along with a good employee recognition platform to make your worklife even more interesting.


Track the daily goals of your employees, set objectives and derive key results.

Goals & Objectives

A snapshot of the status of your own, your team’s, your organization’s as well as everyone’s goals.

Goals library

An ecosystem of goal management templates that you can reuse to create, maintain, and manage enterprise goals.


A potential candidate is hired when they accept an offer of employment.


Remote workforce management tool to track team wide project schedules and ramp productivity when working remotely.

Idea Board

A list of ideas crowd sourced from the employees of the organization in real time for everyone to view it.


Crowd source ideas from your employees and ideate with your team in real-time.

Internal recruiter

Insights into the effectiveness of the applicants received internally where employees from one department of the organization are applying to some other department within the organization.


A list of scheduled and upcoming interviews

Invite employees

Select quick add or upload the files of the employees and make them a part of the peopleHum portal.

Job requests

An approval window visible to a senior manager having requests from the other employees for opening a slot for a particular position in the organization.


A collection of all the job positions in your account.

Leadership feedback

An engaging template to give feedback about the leaders of the organization.

Leave tracker

Manage individual as well as your team’s leaves with a quick glimpse of the leave tracker.

Make a suggestion

Encourage employees to submit suggestions, comments and complaints anonymously


Track employee sentiment and get some insight into how employees rate themselves compared to how their peers see them.

My attendance

My attendance gives you an overview of an employee’s check-in and check-out times, absences, and more. This gives employees and managers a chance to plan better.

My goals

A bucket of goals created by an employee for himself or for anyone from the organization.

My ideas

The ‘My ideas’ section highlights ideas created by an employee.

My recognition

A history of recognitions that an employee has received from his/her peers/managers.

My shifts

Get an idea of your daily shifts and know when you are working.

New Referral

Employees can easily submit referrals for specific jobs for hiring managers to track and manage referrals.

New applicant

To manually add candidates that you want to consider for a position.

New cycle

New cycle allows you to set a new review cycle for your organization.

New groups

Create a new group for employees within the organization.

New jobs

To create a new position in case of an opening in the organization.

New recognitions

Make new recognitions and celebrate personal and professional milestones.

New survey

Collect easily customizable employee pulse surveys to capture data and actionable insights

New task

Create new tasks and assign them to different employees and add a due date for it to be completed.


The collaborative hiring team can exchange notes on what they think of each candidate in order to make the best collaborative hiring decision.


OKR stands for objectives and key results, a goal-setting methodology that can help your team set and track measurable goals.

OKR chart

A chart showing the aligned as well as unaligned goals and objectives of the organization as a whole or as individual teams.


A window containing a list of objectives created for individuals, teams as well as the entire organization.

Offboarding settings

Design offboarding activities and add a notice period to the employees in the organization under this bucket.

Offer approval

A window having a list of offers to be approved by the manager or admin access for them to be sent to the prospective employees of the company.

Offer letter

A digital letter of approval containing all the terms and conditions of employment usually provided in writing to a candidate that has been hired.


A formal invitation by an employer, presented for acceptance or refusal, offering a candidate a position in the organization.

Onboarding settings

Create onboarding tasks and customize your onboarding documents requirement.

Open positions

A list of open positions/roles that an employer desires to fill.

Open tasks

A list of tasks that are pending or overdue.

Organization attendance

A daily and monthly view of the organizations' attendance with details of total and payable hours.

Organizational goals

Strategic objectives a company’s management establishes to outline expected outcomes and guide their employee's effort.

Overall funnel

A real-time snapshot of the recruitment funnel to see time-to-fill, drop rates, and track every step of the recruitment process.


To add a payroll cycle and track employee’s pay, hours worked and distribute payments to employees via cash or cheque using the payroll bucket.

Payroll vendor

Switch or disable your payroll vendor.

Peer feedback

In this type of feedback, an employee can give feedback to another employee of the same department or organization. Feedback can be given to anyone other than the Reporting manager.

Pending approval

A function visible just to the manager or a senior official having the right to approve or reject any kind of employee requests.

Pending feedback

The list of to-dos, still left to get feedback from any senior manager within the organization.

Pending invitations

Employees hired by the organization but yet to be added to the People Hum system by the admin.


The people section maintains all relevant employee-related information, including different types of personal information, detailed qualifications, work experience, job-related information.

People distribution

Insights into the performance score of different departments of the company obtained by aggregating their overall performance in a review cycle.


An AI powered HR chatbot that handles all your employee's routine and repetitive queries.

Pinned items

Star and pin important messages for easy-access in the future.

Policies & Documents

An easy to access list of organizational policies that are essential and available to every employee of your organization.


A metric that compares an employee's self-evaluation with his colleague's evaluation of him as an employee within the organization.

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