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Job funnel

Do you know what your

talent selectivity index

is? Or

hiring effectiveness

? Do you track and trend your average time to close a position?
Would you like to know who are your most effective interviewers? Or the top colleges that provide the most talent to you?
Now you can answer all these questions and more with peopleHum Hire. Get the latest in technology to get

predictive insights

into your

hiring funnel

. Hire Right for a better time in running your organization. Select the candidates that are the closest match and make your whole process more effective by spending the Right time with the Right people.

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analytics driven insights


probability matching

and the power of machine learning to make cheaper, faster and better decisions.
The quality of hires determines the quality of your organization. Do away with old

Application Tracking Platforms

(ATS) and light up your


by taking it beyond to hiring quality and effectiveness.
Get peopleHum Hire today to start with the

Future of work

and reach out to the


of tomorrow today with apps, devices, chat platforms where they spend most of their time.

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Idea exchange

Do you profess to have an

innovation driven organization

? Are you being effective enough to crowdsource ideas to drive growth and accountability? Struggling to tap into an organization-wide innovation program?
Is your

reward program

linked to your innovation program? Can you create assignments and execution paths for the best ideas that are selected by you, a panel or voted on by the whole organization?

Bring the power of ideas now and take it beyond to challenges and rewards to assignments and execution.

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Launch campaigns and select the best ideas, enhance them with collaboration, link directly to the rewards program within peopleHum and create tasks and assignments to drive ownership of ideas.

Assign owners to follow through and much more. Bring the power of


to increase engagement and accountability throughout your teams on an easy to use and addictive cloud-based platform with no upfront investment.

Have your employees contribute via mobile or through familiar chat interfaces or via the web with peopleHum Engage.

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Cycle results

Dread the

performance cycle

? Do you set goals that are measured and objectively evaluated in



Cycles that run for months and leave you with a sense of incompleteness? The challenging one on one conversations that lack objectivity and data.

Have you read about

continuous evaluation

and wonder how? Do you know who your best performers are at this moment? How about your best performing teams?
Now use peopleHum Nurture to setup recurring performance cycles.

One on ones

become a breeze with the objectivity of peopleHum templates.

people software, people tech peoplehum

OR tune them to suit your business objectives and goals. Distribute


for employees to leaders, peers, customers, vendors, and self.
Trend and track performance, get

sentiment analysis

of the

subjective feedback

being provided. Get

mindfulness scores

for each individual and launch training, interventions, mentoring and coaching to your talent nurture cycle with peopleHum Nurture.

Have a one-click view of the top and the bottom performers across your organization.

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