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10 must-follow LinkedIn Top Voices of US
List of Leaders

10 must-follow LinkedIn Top Voices of US

HR blogs
Nirvi B
March 17, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

The speed and scope of the COVID crisis posed extraordinary challenges for business leaders in the USA. It is easy to understand why so many have missed opportunities for decisive action and honest communication. But it is a mistake to think that failures of leadership are all we can expect in the grim times.

Ruled by unfamiliarity and uncertainty, crises present a degree of complexity that makes it necessary to engage experts from different fields. Merely soliciting experts’ ideas is not enough; and thus we are celebrating the LinkedIn Top Voices of US who pondered upon some valuable insights, devised solutions, put them into practice, and refined them as they go. They are adaptable, self-aware, civic-minded, authentic, and an inspiration to us, and many.

10 must-follow LinkedIn Top Voices of US

Martin Lindstrom

Listed among the top influential 100 Honoree by TIME, Martin Lindstrom is a globally recognised branding and culture expert. He is the NYC best-selling author of eight books on business transformation and branding, translated in 60 different languages.

Martin Lindstrom's social platform is enriched with inspirational quotes and resourceful articles. In collaboration with Marshall Goldsmith. he is the co-host of the M&M show, a guest talk-show on a range of topics, including leadership, learning, coaching and collaboration.

Watch peopleHum's interview with Marshall Goldsmith's, world no.1 leadership coach: Effective leadership in good and bad times.

Dr. John Maeda

John Maeda is a world-renowned artist, graphic designer, computer scientist, educator, and investor whose career reflects his philosophy of humanizing technology.

For more than a decade, Dr. Maeda has worked to integrate technology, education, and the arts into a 21st-century synthesis of creativity and innovation.

“The problem isn't how to make the world more technological. It's about how to make the world more humane again.”

Sabina Nawaz

Sabina Nawaz is a global CEO coach, leadership keynote speaker, and writer working in over 26 countries. She advises C-level executives in Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and academic organizations.

Sabina has spoken at hundreds of seminars, events, and conferences including TEDx. On her dedicated space, Ms. Nawaz shares valuable articles and posts on various aspects of organisational development, career planning and leadership dynamics.

Once we are in touch with the real concerns of our employees, we can connect them to our vision rather than chasing revisions.

Richard Bliss

A true expert in communication and engagement, Richard Bliss is a Social Media coach and trainer with an incredibly high presence on LinkedIn. He is the author of the well-known non-fiction “Digital First Leadership” and a recently published E-book, BlissPoint.

With some real-time tips, Richard Bliss shares the ultimate strategies on how to engage your audience and get your post seen. Richard is known to be unguarded in his tips and strategies, and someone who offers much-needed social media wisdom in the segment.

“Recognize there are stories all around you. In every activity and interaction, there are lessons to be learned."

Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen is a Chief Global Strategist and the CEO of Aaron Allen & Associates, a specialised organisation in food & tech, and chain restaurants. He is known to present an unparalleled knowledge of the foodservice industry to the market.

With a set of resourceful newsletters, Aaron Allen advises on the requisites of executing global business strategies. He throws much light upon leveraging innovative spaces of tech, data & automation, to flourish the dynamics of the food chain industry. In his very own article, he quotes,

Swing a purposeful hammer determined to shape, forge, and fulfill a purpose beyond quarterly profits alone.

Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is the founder of Zen Media, a digital PR firm, and the best-selling author of the book "The Zen of Social Media Marketing." She is a global keynote speaker, recognised as the LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing.

"True sales are much less about funnels today, and much more about branding," Hyder adds in one of her articles, while being known for sharing phenomenal insights on entrepreneurship and management. She acknowledges the nuances of customer centricity, sales and marketing, with actionable insights on driving your business results.

Brittani Hunter

"First and foremost, the thing that you have to have is authenticity - no matter what you are building. If you're real with your audience, then it will begin to shine through and will resonate with the people."

Brittani Hunter is the founder of Mogul Millennial, a media company established to empower black entrepreneurs and business leaders. She is the one among the very few business leaders who aligned the definition of entrepreneurship with empowerment.

Hunter runs a social campaign, famously known as Mughal Memo. This campaign for cause is enriched with rich insights on business needs & prerequisites, real-life annecdotes, actionable insights from business leaders.

Jennifer Tardy

Jennifer Tardy is a well-known recruitment thought leader and career coach. With over 14 years of experience, she has recruited in multiple domains, including, tech, healthcare, education, railroad, plumbing supplies, and professional services industries.

Jenn Tary offers a practical guide on recruitment dynamics, mainly shedding light upon diversity and inclusion. She sets a phenomenal example for hiring managers, recruiters, and even business leaders, on how should an effective recruitment process look like.

It is one thing to share your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. But as a hiring manager, what rules will you abide by during the interviewing process to maintain inclusivity and equity?

Xiomara Peña

Xiomara Peña is the Vice President of Engagement at Small Business Majority. She works towards creating an inclusive and equitable economy, one that aligns with needs of entrepreneurs in the underserved communities.

Xiomara has extensive experience supporting small businesses, particularly those run by people of color, women, and immigrants. In her recent article on "Developing Changemakers in our Communities", she quotes,

All of us have the power to call for change. Be the hope and build a future that values everyone's contributions to society.

Adam Geller

Recognised as a Top Voice in Education, Adam Geller is the founder and CEO of Edthena, a video-driven professional learning platform. He is the author of the book "Evidence of Practice" that offers 12 video-based strategies that readers may implement in a personalised manner.

While sharing his thoughts on the disparities in students learning In person than virtually, Geller adds

"You can't fix what you don't measure. Now that we have data, at least we can improve opportunities and access going forward."

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10 must-follow LinkedIn Top Voices of US

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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