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5 things every leader should say
Leadership Development

5 things every leader should say

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Gordon Tredgold
May 6, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

Nobody said leadership was easy and, despite what many books might imply, there isn’t a set list of behaviors that every leader needs to adhere to. That being said, there will be many areas where, no matter what your leadership style is, there will be things you will find valuable. One such area is how to talk to your team.

5 things every leader should say | peopleHum

The following 5 things i.e. expressions will support you and your team, helping both you and your workers be productive.

“I am glad that we recruited you.”

Telling your employees that you are glad that they’re on the team is not only a nice thing to say on top of praise when they nail a job, but it also has a longer-term impact. Change management is difficult, partly because employees often feel insecure about their jobs and their future at the company. When you take precautions against those feelings of insecurity, you will make any necessary future change a lot easier from your team members’ perspective.

“Your safety is important to me.”

One of the most difficult things you can face as a leader is when you haven’t protected those for whom you are responsible. This can be protection from workplace stress, emotional hindrances, but also physical injury. Therefore, health and safety is in everybody’s interests; if you don’t take health and safety precautions, you might find yourself or your employees getting injured. Even as a leader, getting injured can be crippling – running any business from a hospital bed is exceptionally difficult, and bodily fatigue will impair clear thinking. In these instances, you will need to continue running your team despite your injury, but any losses that you incur because of an injury that isn’t your fault shouldn’t be your responsibility. When you need a lawyer to help you with accidents suffered at the workplace, they can make sure that these sorts of losses are kept to a minimum so you can recover in peace.

“That’s great! How did you manage that?”

When a team member does something that genuinely impresses them, many leaders might congratulate and reward them. What’s much rarer but equally important is asking them how. Asking an employee how they managed to do something impressive will not just help to boost the employee’s esteem, but will impart a valuable lesson onto you and any other member of staff within earshot. It also gives you the chance to assess their own leadership skills, based on how well they impart a lesson.

“Is there anything you need?”

When you have some free time, you shouldn’t be wasting it on any old thing – if you have the time, roll up your sleeves and ask your team members if they need help on their tasks. This will help to show important humility, as well as being a rallying cry that you will take the time to lead your staff on the battlefield as well as the strategy room.

“How are you feeling?”

Asking your team members how they are feeling in a genuine way can make a world of difference. If they are going through a hard time at work or with a particular problem, giving them the opportunity to regularly voice these concerns in an informal setting will allow you to address any problems that are concerning them before they snowball and become more serious problems for everybody. When you initiate that sort of talk, you give your employees the impression that you’re human and genuinely care about them.

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5 things every leader should say

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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