A challenge to leaders : bond your team over a book

Jill Christensen
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A challenge to leaders : bond your team over a book

I recently read a great article by Matthew Jones in Inc.com entitled The One Habit All Intelligent People Practice.  Jones, a life coach and licensed therapist, says that from studying the behaviours of leaders in diverse fields while earning his doctorate in clinical psychology, he learned that all pioneers have one thing in common: All great minds read.

Instead of spending time getting caught up in Facebook drama or taking selfies on Snapchat, the real difference-makers have their noses in books,” says Jones. “They are broadening their intellectual horizons, gaining energy, and allowing their minds down time from the overwhelming stimulation of society.”

Science backs up Jones’ findings, as reading increases verbal intelligence and boosts your memory.  Other research that Jones highlights shows that reading can reduce stress as much as 68 percent.  Hence, Jones encourages readers to put down your tablet and phone, and close your computer.  I could not agree more.


The summer is upon us in the Western Hemisphere.  Head to a bookstore live or online, find a great book to read this summer, and then share it with your team.  By reading a book alone and then discussing it together (think Book Club), you and your team bond over new learnings, will de-stress and enjoy quality time as a group.  A recent read of mine that I recommend? Hillbilly Elegy. Oh, and there’s always If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement. Thanks for being a great leader.

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