A proven solution to re-engage employees is here

Jill Christensen
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A proven solution to re-engage employees is here
A proven solution to re-engage employees is here | peopleHum

The solution to re-engage employees is here!

The calendar year is quickly coming to an end, which means the end of most organization’s fiscal year, and in many instances, a “push” to log as many sales on the 2017 books as possible.  It’s also the time to start thinking about the upcoming year and the goals your organization wants to achieve.  In many organizations, that means increasing profitable revenue growth and customer satisfaction, but not increasing employee engagement.

Even though there is a direct correlation between the bottom line and engagement, leaders rarely think to focus on improving their culture or elevating an employee engagement goal to the top of the priority list.  Why?  Because many leaders don’t get it – they don’t realize how important culture is to an organization’s success, which is why they outsource employee engagement to Human Resources vs. taking direct ownership of it.

If you are curious as to what a leader would do if he/she took direct ownership of employee engagement, the answer is simple.  Partner with an expert to help you create a list of things that managers need to do differently in the trenches.Then, lead a Manager Town Hall Meeting and communicate to your managers the specific actions they need to take to engage employees.  Finally, accountability is a must.  Give managers a one-year employee engagement goal so they not only know what is expected of them, but how you will measure their performance.

If this sounds simple, it is.  The challenge that most organizations have is that leaders don’t engage in employee engagement.  Leaders outsource it to Human Resources to manage like a program or an initiative, and then wonder why they get the same mediocre results year after year.  The answer is because leaders can get people to do things that Human Resources cannot, so if you want to be successful on your journey, leadership involvement is a must.

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