Awareness and brand lead employee experience

Jason Averbook
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Awareness and brand lead employee experience
Awareness and brand lead employee experience | peopleHum

Awareness and brand lead employee experience

Your EVP matters. People need to understand the value of working in your organization - and be reminded constantly, not told once when recruited. The only way to deliver that is in a systematic, consistent, planful way that communicates BRAND and AWARENESS of your Employee Value Proposition.

As an HR function, your job includes building brand and awareness on a DAILY basis - through push communications, through a personalized experience layer that sits on top of your service delivery systems and other HR tools. If you’re not doing that, you’re becoming irrelevant and opening the door to disengagement.

Every day. Every day, people need to understand they matter, you care, and they’re working for an organization where they want to be.

Don’t let irrelevancy set in. Awareness. Brand. Awareness. Brand.

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