Candidate experience - A guide to talent acquisition

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Candidate experience - A guide to talent acquisition

Every experience leaves a lasting impression on the minds of people. Remember the first fine dining you had been to? It was not just the food that the restaurant sold, but an experience! Organizations have shifted their focus from capital to human capital, employee experience is a much talked about term. It is important to keep in mind yet another realm, Candidate Experience! Quite often, candidate experience is overlooked and not paid much attention to. A crucial aspect that organizations have to keep in mind is that talent acquisition is of utmost importance and the millennials are consumers of the gig economy. 

Earlier, when the job market was not doing well, organizations did not care or did not pay much attention to candidate experience. The times have changed and the candidates have more options on their plates

The change of recruiting in receiving a candidate’s first mentality is obviously in progress. A recent study of 100,000 organizations and occupation applicants found that improving the candidate experience is a businesses' top recruiting need at the present time. 

What's behind this ongoing drive to concentrate on up-and-comer experience? 

A major factor is that the candidate experience speaks to a chance to drastically improve your enlistment procedure. 

Candidate experience - A guide to talent acquisition | peopleHum

Just 32% of competitors rate their latest pursuit of employment experience as "generally excellent." Actually, the experience of searching for an occupation is all around despised. 73% of up-and-comers rate job searching as one of the most pressure actuating things throughout everyday life, much more unpleasant than open talking, doing charges, or in any event, getting a root waterway. 

Another significant figure driving interest competitor experience is the developing field of AI-controlled enrollment tech. With this new innovation, enrollment specialists presently approach instruments intended to address the long standing issues that have prevented their capacity to offer a positive up-and-comer experience, for example, the high volume of candidates. 

78% of candidates accept that candidate experience is a pointer of how an organization esteems its employees and how they will be treated as representatives. This implies candidate experience has become a significant serious differentiator. To pick up this preferred position, organizations are putting resources into their candidate involvement in process upgrades just as inventive recruiting tech devices. 

What exactly is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience is the way job seekers see and respond to an organization's enlistment cycle including attracting, sourcing, selecting, meeting, contracting, and onboarding. 

A positive candidate experience lays in job seekers feeling like their time has been regarded and that they have been spoken with straightforwardness and clearness, paying little heed to result. This implies regardless of whether the candidate isn't procured for the job, a positive candidate experience is significant. 

Since by far most candidates won't be procured, how "non-enlists" see your enrolling procedure may convey the most weight as far as your manager image and notoriety. Indeed, considerably after an ineffective meeting, 67% would re-go after a job at an association in the event that they have a positive recruiting experience. 

An extraordinary candidate experience is comprised of a few components, including: 

  • Diminishing friction and reiteration in the application procedure 
  • Computerizing tedious, low-finish procedures to accelerate time to fill 
  • Having components to speak with candidates and answer inquiries as  continuous as could reasonably be expected 
  • Follow up with candidates who are ignored and telling them of other significant open doors they may be keen on 
  • Tuning in and communicating all the more regularly 
  • Set clear expectations regarding the selecting procedure from pre-application to onboarding 
  • Talent acquisition process must be measured routinely and reliably

It is always advisable to conduct a skills gap analysis first. This will help in giving an idea about the actual need of the organization. This helps to avoid beating around the bush and not time or effort goes in vain. It might open vistas to the reality that the organization does not actually ned new employees but it just needs upskilling of the existing employees.

Benefits of creating a great Candidate Experience

Conversion Rates

As mentioned earlier, the job market is not feeble anymore. It is hard to get a good, talented employee. Delivering a good experience will help in converting the candidate to an employee. Organizations who improved their candidate experience via automating parts of their selecting cycle through methods like email automation, AI screening, resume parsing, and chatbots have seen a 15% higher transformation rate on their profession destinations and a 23% reduction in cost per enlist. Transformation rates improve on the grounds that job seekers who are happy with the candidate experience are 38% bound to acknowledge a job offer.

Employer Branding

46% of candidates who have a negative experience state they'll take their image faithfulness, buys, and relationship elsewhere. Then again, 74% of candidates who rate their experience as "incredible" state they'll reinforce their relationship with the association by applying once more, alluding to others, and making buys when applicable. Generation Z will flock to employers and leaders who treat every employee equally and fairly.

Wrapping up

Making sure that the candidates who are your potential employees are treated with respect and concern will give your organization the necessary edge. From writing clear job descriptions to regular follow-ups to telling candidates that you are no longer considering them, every small thing adds to creating an exemplary candidate experience. With the advancement in technology, things have gotten easier. Following up, emails, etc are easy and effortless with the right human capital management platform. 

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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