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The right communication tools to boost your remote employees' effectiveness
Guest Blogs

The right communication tools to boost your remote employees' effectiveness

Guest Blog
February 23, 2024

Thousands of employees work remotely in offices or homes. The remote communication tools that they use are essential to their success.

The remote communication tools provide an easy way for remote employees to stay connected with their office. They can easily get in touch with co-workers and managers, get important tasks done, and track the progress of projects. Above all, communication tools help remote employees to work from home by providing them the same level of access as someone who is sitting right beside them.

In today's society, a large percentage of people work remotely from their homes or places that are not company-owned buildings. The idea of working remotely is becoming increasingly popular as it allows companies to save money on things like heating and electricity costs as well as not having to deal with the distractions that often come from having a physical space in the office. In addition, remote workers are more productive as they have greater autonomy over their work schedule and do not have to.

The right communication tools to boost your remote employees' effectiveness

Explore the best remote communication tools in the workplace for remote teams that helps in boost effectiveness of remote employers. This includes customer service teams, sales teams, and team building. It will also explore the need for hiring virtual assistants.

Communication is key in any business, no matter what type of company you are working with or what role you have. It’s crucial for remote employees to have the right tools that will facilitate effective communication within their team.

Project management:

Project management is an important part of any company. Remote employees are no different, but they have to do it a little differently.

A few tips for remote and startup project management:

-Use online project management software to track the progress of your projects

-Create a shared workspace for your team that’s accessible anywhere

-Set up a schedule for regular meetings that are based on the time zone of your team members

How to measure a remote team effectiveness?

Now you'll understand how to measure remote team effectiveness. It will discuss the process of measuring the remote team’s success and assess if your remote teams are productive and efficient in their work.

It is crucial for employers to be able to measure the performance of their remote teams due to the increasing number of organizations that are operating in a virtual environment. Remote Team Success can be measured through:

- Number of projects completed by your teams

- Quality and timeliness of completed projects

- Feedback from customers.

Set the right KPIs

It is clear that the KPI is an important indicator of how well you are doing. But what’s equally important is to know what the KPI tells you and why it matters.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) play a crucial and fundamental role in marketing and business. They allow for a company to measure its performance, and if KPIs aren’t set correctly, it becomes difficult to determine whether the company has succeeded or not.

Sale team

A sales team is a group of people within an organization that is involved in the selling of its products or services. They are at the frontline of interfacing with customers and clients, and they are often regarded as the most influential group in the company.

The sales team is primarily responsible for making sure that all customers receive personalized attention, product knowledge, and support throughout their buying process. A salesperson's duties can include selling to new customers, maintaining contacts with existing ones, building lead generations, and providing customer service after a sale has been made. The KPIs should be the MRR, the cross-sells, upsells and lead generation. A strategic sales tool will help your team define KPIs, align better with your marketing campaigns, and go after their targets in a planned and orderly manner.

Customer service team

Every business relies on customer service to provide quality care to its customers. It’s essential for customer satisfaction and retention.

Whether it's the telephone customer service team or the live chat customer service team, they have to be ready to answer questions, solve problems, and help customers with all their needs. The challenge is that they often take up more resources than any other department in the company because they are constantly busy or even overworked. It is not always easy to evaluate precisely their performances. Some metrics could be the CSAT, the NPS, the FCR etc...

Accounting team

Accounting teams are a necessary part of any business. They help to keep track of how much money a company has and the funds coming in and going out.

Accounting teams are responsible for keeping track of a company’s financial transactions by tracking the money online coming into and going out of a company. They document these transactions using books, records, ledgers, journals, and other documents to make sure everything is organized properly. Accounting teams also ensure that all taxes owed to the government are paid on time as well as manage any debt payments made by the company.

The KPIs should be the good health of the accounting balance, the delay for payment, the fees optimization.

IT team

An IT team is a group of people that are responsible for the technology infrastructure of an organization. It includes IT development, IT operations, and IT support.

The scope of their work can vary depending on the size or type of the company.

It depends on what type of company they work for or whether they even have an IT team.

The responsibilities can also vary from one company to another and will be determined by what is needed and available in order to keep the business running smoothly.

The KPIs could be the evolution of IT maintenance actions, the machine downtime rate, the average time to close a ticket and all the factors that could improve the IT support processes.

Maintenance team

The maintenance team is tasked with maintaining a building's systems and equipment. They are responsible for ensuring that all of the operational aspects of the building are working properly, from the plumbing to the HVAC system to anything else that keeps a building running. The maintenance team can also be responsible for cleaning up debris from areas that have been damaged by disaster or other environmental events like fires, in order to keep the building in good shape and in compliance with any safety standards. Be able to perform inspections, diagnoses, anticipate issues, and train the field team for first aid maintenance are mandatory tasks to measure.

The members of this team work long hours and require specific skill sets in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, and more.

Tracking tool

A tracking tool is a software that helps marketers track their customers’ behavior. All the data collected by the tracker can then be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

A tracking tool has various uses:

1) It helps in customer acquisition: Tracking tools can be used to target specific audiences and this helps in customer acquisition.

2) Conversion Rate Optimization: Tracking tools can help you find out how different factors affect conversion rates.

3) Retargeting: This is one of the most popular uses of tracking tools. Retargeting ads are shown to people who have visited your website but left without buying anything.

4) Data Analysis: Tracking tools allow marketers to analyze large data sets which they wouldn't be able to do with spreadsheets or Excel files alone

What remote communication tools should you consider for a remote team

There are many remote communication tools in the workplace that can be used in remote work.

Some of these are ViiBE, Slack, Trello, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more.

It is important to consider the type of work you do when choosing a remote communication tool for your team.

For example, if your team is composed of administrators in an office environment where they have constant access to each other in person then they might not need certain features that are only available on the remote communication tools.


In this section, we will talk about the importance of remote employees and what you should be doing to make sure that they are as effective as possible.

To start with, we should consider the productivity of the employees. For example, if an employee's tasks require a lot of organization or attention to detail, it might not be best for them to work remotely. They need to be in the office so they can keep themselves organized and on task.

On the other hand, remote employees who spend their time on tasks that don't require a lot of organization or detail can spend more time on these tasks when they work remotely.

That is why having a planning organization is important to ensure that remote employees can keep track of their missions and share the information easily with the managers.


Remote employees are more effective than ever before, thanks to the latest technologies. One of the most popular is a remote meeting, which can replace a traditional office meeting and help remote employees feel more connected with their teams.

If you want to implement a remote meeting into your workflow, you need to make sure that all participants have a headset or an internet-enabled speaker. Some people prefer to use Skype or Discord for their meetings, but there are other similar tools out there as well.

A remote meeting can be helpful for any company with at least one remote employee - it helps them stay connected and feel valued.


Remote employees should be given opportunities to succeed and not just be seen as a potential liability. Companies need to provide them with the tools and support they need to do their jobs effectively in order to stay productive and engaged.

There are many benefits of having remote employees, such as lower costs for office space, less traffic congestion in the office, and much more. But it also poses some disadvantages like lack of morale, lack of team building activities, and vulnerability to employee poaching.

Therefore companies need to provide them with the tools and support they need to do their jobs effectively in order to stay productive and engaged. To do so, choosing the right remote support software is mandatory to ensure that all the teams won’t be blocked by unexpected issues.

Companies can invest in remote employee training programs before bringing them on board so that they know what is expected of them when they start working remotely

Knowledge management

As the world becomes more mobile, knowledge management is becoming more important. Employee effectiveness at remote locations has been an issue for companies. This new trend in knowledge management can provide solutions for this problem by creating a corporate culture of trust and transparency. Choosing a Knowledge Management software tailored made for your company’s needs is not an option in the long run. 

The new trend in knowledge management includes teams that are focused on training employees on the latest technology, educating them about company policies, sharing the information transparently, and helping them develop their skill sets to stay competitive in their field.

Team building

This is the most complicated section as it has a lot of diverse topics related to team building, I will try to provide an introduction for this section.

"Team building" is something that is not easy to do in this time when many employees are remote. The issue is that when you are remote, you lose some of the connections that work in an office setting, like physical proximity and instant communication. Therefore, it becomes difficult to know when someone needs help or what their current task is at any given time. But there are ways to make your teamwork remotely more effectively and efficiently - by encouraging them to get together periodically for face-to-face meetings or video chats with real-time screen sharing capabilities, by making sure everyone on the team has a clear understanding of their tasks and responsibilities.

What are the challenges when managing a remote team?

Communication is a challenge for remote employees. They can experience loneliness and isolation from their coworkers, which could lead to a lack of collaboration. In order to avoid these problems, managers should focus on fostering trust with their team, creating an inclusive environment where employees are supported, and encouraging delegation of tasks that are not the preferred ones.

Some companies use video chats to improve communication with remote workers while other companies can also create training videos to keep all of the processes outlined and clearly communicated. It can be especially useful for teams that need to collaborate on real-time projects.

Keep the dynamic going

Remote work has become more prevalent in the past few years. This is partially due to the growth of startups, but it’s also because more companies are realizing that remote working is not only an option but also beneficial for them. It’s easy to see why remote work is so attractive for companies: it’s cheaper, they can hire highly skilled professionals who don’t live near their office, and they can save money on office space.

But what about the employees? It can be challenging for them to stay productive if they don't have a physical workplace. One of the most important things that remote workers need to do is stay connected with colleagues and managers by using virtual phone systems like video conferencing, Slack chats, and cloud phone calls.

Keep track of everyone's work

As a manager, it is important to keep track of what your employees are working on and who they work with if they're remote. When you do this, you can maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

One way to do this is by maintaining a task management system that allows for remote employees to easily see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Remote employees can be a great way to keep team members happy. While the company saves on office space, they also save money on things like heating and electricity costs. In addition, remote workers are more productive because they have greater autonomy over their work schedule and don't have to deal with the distractions of an office environment.

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The right communication tools to boost your remote employees' effectiveness

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