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How marketing and HR can and should work together?
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How marketing and HR can and should work together?

Gaurav Sharma
March 14, 2024

Traditionally, marketing and HR have been two departments that hardly collaborate with each other. In today’s world though, there’s a growing need for all internal departments to break down their boundaries and perform to their full potential by collaborating. 

With the increased dominance of technology, we can see that the line between marketing and HR is blurring quickly to contribute to organizational growth

Marketing and HR fundamentally have the same goal but are aimed at different target groups. The marketing teams work toward impressing potential customers and clients to generate more sales for you. Whereas the HR team is responsible for building an impressive employer brand to connect with your employees and potential candidates. 

When both departments join hands to create a successful recruitment strategy, they can not only promote your business in innovative ways but also build a solid brand reputation.  

Let's find out how marketing and HR can collaborate and share responsibilities to benefit from each other and help the entire organization grow. 

Marketing and HR: 5 Ways to Collaborate and Work Together

The collaboration between marketing and HR has multiple benefits. It can address major recruiting challenges and also play a major role in establishing a strong brand image.

Here are the 5 ways marketing and HR can collaborate in your organization.

1. Transparent Internal Communication 

To run your organization like a well-oiled machine, smooth and transparent internal communication is crucial.

Marketing and HR teams can establish regular communication to stay up to date about their strategies and collaborate with each other. While digital marketers work on developing small business marketing ideas, HRs work towards building an organization’s reputation as a desirable employer. When both teams collaborate well, they can share relevant and contextual information about branding, logo design and business promotion with each other. 

Doing so will enable them to identify opportunities and challenges in this collaboration and work towards sharing the same broader brand message within the company and to the customers and clients.

You could consider getting a degree in strategic communication and leadership to successfully achieve this goal of smooth communication. Also, you should think about using an SPF record checker to keep your email account safe form different attacks and improve your internal communication strategy.

To achieve such communication, you need to think beyond regular emails or newsletters. Explore more creative and powerful ways of knowledge exchange between both teams, either in person or virtually. A good idea would be to use collaboration platforms

Invest in latest technologies such as CRM software, contactless marketing to provide a cloud communication and boost your marketing team result.

2. Create Employer Brand Together 

We regularly hear businesses talking about effective branding to impress clients and customers. But an employer brand is equally essential for an organization to retain its workforce and attract top talents.

Many businesses around the world have realized the need for marketing professionals to work closely with the HR team to establish a comprehensive employer brand, many have turned it into their top on marketing tips list.

Whether a candidate is looking for student jobs or more experienced positions, they would first like to know about the work environment or the organization’s culture. 

They would certainly look at reviews and feedback from current employees. Social media or professional forums would be the go-to places to check how well an organization takes care of its employees. 

This is where the marketing team can join forces with the HR team to create a compelling employer brand and optimize employee spending for your organization.

While HR has a precise understanding of your company culture, marketing knows the best ways to promote it. By developing an effective strategy, both teams can successfully create a strong employer brand.

3. Achieve Targeted Recruitment Marketing 

Whether you’re a consulting business or an agency, today’s recruitment landscape is quite volatile, and employers need to devise a solid marketing plan if they want to attract the right talent. 

That’s where recruitment marketing comes into the picture. It's all about applying the right marketing strategies and following the latest recruitment trends to promote the value of working for an employer. 

To market your organization to new talent, you require marketing and HR to join forces. Both teams can brainstorm and come up with highly effective tactics to convince talents to choose you over your competitors. A targeted recruitment marketing strategy can help the organization achieve the largest recruitment goals within less time. 

One of the fundamental tactics to be included in this strategy would be to focus on mobiles.

Why? That’s because we’re seeing a rapid growth in mobile application rate for jobs, according to Appcast.

Mobile job apply rate

The other element recruitment agents and HR heads should focus on is social recruiting. Marketers can help HR teams use social media to attract top recruits to the organization.

Both marketing and HR teams can exchange relevant data and analytics for creating recruitment campaigns that can help you reduce hiring time and create an amazing candidate experience for every talent who intends to join you. 

4. Foster Quality Company Culture 

Now, HR teams are not only responsible for attracting top talent and recruiting them. The bigger responsibility lies in developing and nurturing the hires from time to time by offering an impressive organizational culture

Throughout this process, marketing and HR can collaborate to induce organizational values into employees so that they stay connected to your broader goals. 

As marketers know how to engage potential customers, they can help HRs to come up with innovative tactics to engage employees. They can collectively analyze their employee engagement as well to truly bring value to each professional. 

How will the organization benefit from it? As today’s professionals lay more emphasis on company culture than the salary package, you will be able to build loyalty and reduce employee turnover with this. 

5. Boost Marketing with Employee Advocacy

All the four tactics that I’ve discussed until now can help you create satisfied and loyal employees. And these happy employees are your biggest internal brand advocates.

In recent years, employee advocacy has become tremendously important for businesses. It helps create a positive employer brand that can impress both your potential recruits and clients. But to effectively deploy employee advocates and harness the power of their voice for your company, you need a strong employee advocacy policy. Marketing and HR can collaborate to create an effective policy that lays out clear guidelines for employees and also enables them to share company updates with ease.

For instance, you can create testimonial videos, ask employees to share their feedback on social media and review sites, and so on. The way to create authentic video content is by using an online video creator to produce engaging video content that showcases your products or services, introduces your team, or shares your brand's story with your audience. This authentic content can be used further to market your brand, gain trust, and credibility. 

Are You Ready to Bring Marketing and HR Together? 

Now that you’ve understood how marketing and HR can come together to propel your business growth, it's time to adopt this renewed perspective. Each of these departments has plenty of knowledge and insights which can benefit the other. 

Go ahead and adopt the strategies shared above to bring both teams together. When they join forces, they can give you the power to rise above the competition and set new standards, both as a business and an employer. 

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How marketing and HR can and should work together?

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