Diversity in the workplace 101 - your corporate guide

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Diversity in the workplace 101 - your corporate guide

How diverse is your workplace?

I believe that if people were to utilise 50% of the time they spend on differentiating, they could be twice as productive as they are currently. We have the leadership and the HR department to help supervise this but why should they be the only ones to ensure diversity in the workplace?Contrary to popular belief, employees make the company, its culture, and its values and not the other way round.

Here’s an open discussion.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Diversity in the workplace

      1. Gender

           According to a 2000 census, women make 47% of the business & workforce environment. If it were up to me, gender most certainly would not even be a            criteria.Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Agreed, but isn’t this the very basis of nature? I personally cannot imagine a world where everybody                   agrees with everybody. Besides where is that going to take the human race anyway? Maybe nowhere.Hence, mutual respect is all we need.

     2. Ethnicity

        This one’s interesting.India has 2,000+ ethnic groups. The records show data taking us back to 10,000 BC! Further, each major ethnic category has subcategories          and there’s much to learn about each one. We are known for our rich culture, vibrant colours, and indomitable enthusiasm. Rather than a liability, I see it as a power          than can take us places and bring us success.Besides, an organisation with 100+ employees wearing ethnic attire, conversing in diverse languages, and sharing          unique foods sounds cooler than employees in black and white suits, shoes and ties, having a meal in closed, isolated chambers.Again, hence, embrace diversity.

     3. LGBTQ

         We are who we are and we all possess equal rights to life and freedom.Firstly, if you bring value to the company by driving sales, leading dev teams, or any of                    another million tasks, your company will preserve you. Secondly, your peers will be more concerned about your weekend plans as opposed to your sexual                 orientation, considering the amount of money you’ll be making. Thirdly and lastly, the ones who do differentiate are the ones who should not be welcome in an          organisation.

     4. Disabilities

      Try this - Close your eyes, don’t speak, try not to listen to any noise, and breathe. Do it for 5 minutes after which, you’ll feel a gush of energy run through your mind &        body.You feel better because you’re saving energy in the form of sight, voice, and hearing, all of which is getting channeled to your brain. As a result, people with        disabilities have certain perspectives and a resilience that others can only hope to get one day.

     5. Age

         Most of us are really close to our grandparents. In fact, we used to love visiting them during school vacations because there’s so much to talk about and learn, apart          from the delicious recipes of course. This reminds me of this one episode from Modern Family, where Luke befriends his neighbour Walt (do you remember this.          scene?).The young are social media fanatics, full of energy, passion, hunger whereas the grown ups are stable, composed and bring in learnings and lessons from.          experiences.Hence, a total win-win for an organisation.

I came across a beautiful thought from Belle Rose Ragins and in my version - networking & socialising among diverse groups must be a norm and not an exception or a compulsion.Industries have been flourishing since the 18th century. The year 1818, for instance, saw the inception of the textile industry in India. The world has come a long way since. What we should really be discussing is sustainability, not diversity in the workplace. In other words, it’s time for diversity in the workplace to become a norm.

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