Let’s go a little bit socio-political before we get to corporates.

There is a fallacy in our governing systems.

Corporates are in bed with the government. Governments control corporates with taxation and industry incentives. Corporates try to mollify the government with political campaign funds. Because they don’t want governments to destroy their business. As a result, governments call hotshot business honchos for sham hearings but never penalise them.

A circular helix for corporates

People work at corporates for their livelihood. Corporates allocate work to people and judge them on performance. Progressive corporates depend on the people and appease them. Collective bargaining and unionism is dead. Likewise, the people are busy leading their own personal lives that there isn’t enough time or energy to focus on such matters.

Governments are elected of the people, for the people, by the people. They are created to serve the people. Governments depend on the support of the people to survive. In turn governments lay down laws and policies that govern people. If people don’t like the government, they vote the ruling elite out of power.

This seems like a circular helix that does not have a power centre. In fact, it looks like there is no escape but somehow the loopholes are creeping in.

corporates, governments and individuals

Expectations Vs Reality

Seems like the founding fathers did not anticipate the rise of the corporate world. There is a fallacy in democratic-capitalist alliance because there is no clear power centre. They did not think through liberty and equality well.

Capitalism driven democracy is not perfect but this 3 way polygamous relationship is headed for a breakup. For years the liberal-socio system has been trying to provide for passive management and has really not succeeded with equalisation of opportunity and rewards with the people. Corporates have recognised this and stepped into people’s lives. In addition, we can say that individuals are more product, service and market aware now than politically aware.

And the winner is… Reality

There was a colloquial saying growing up. You make the bottom rung in life and become the worker if you get an A grade in class. A businessman & direct the worker if you are a middler B. And a politician and control the businessman if you are bottom of the class C a grader. Lack of meritocracy and achievement has lead to a fallacy in the system.

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